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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

When Do Gov't Subsidized Jobs Become Welfare?

When the only reason for those jobs to exist is to keep those jobs in existence.

That "green jobs" revolution?  Take away the welfare checks and watch those jobs vanish.

And listen to the Left howl:
Government accused of 'destroying 25,000 green jobs'
By Rowena Mason, Political correspondent, Telegraph of London

Hundreds of solar companies are likely to go bust by Christmas after the Department for Energy and Climate Change confirmed it is looking to halve subsidies for new panels.

Greg Barker, minister for climate change, said the "feed-in tariff" subsidies are currently too generous, because the cost of installing solar panels has fallen.

The proposed cuts, due to come into force from December, will see the amount earned from each panel fall from 43.3p per kilowatt hour of solar power to 21p. This will save energy customers around £23 a year - or £700m in total - because the subsidies are funded through electricity bills.

However, the industry warned that many home owners and companies may immediately back away from the flagship scheme because it wouldn now take up to 25 years to earn back their investments.

Gaynor Hartnell, chief executive of the Renewable Energy Association, said: "The installation rate is likely to fall drastically, and many of the 25,000 newly-employed in this industry may end up joining the dole queue." [link]
That's been the problem with solar all along.  Those who'd like to invest in the technology can't make the investment work in their favor.  It's extremely expensive.

The Leftists around the planet came up with a solution to that dilemma.  They coerced government(s) into seizing taxes from those same individuals at the point of a gun and handing that money to the "green industry."  Problem solved.  Everyone's happy.  Except the taxpayer who has to fund the new welfare program and still can't afford to buy the end-product because the money he might have used to make that purchase went to the government to build the product he can't afford.

Now those companies are collapsing under the weight of debt and a dearth of government funding.

And people are losing their jobs.

The funny part of this sad tale?

Had the world's taxpayers simply been asked to fork over a monthly welfare check to each of those workers in the first place, and let them sit at home, getting fat and stinky, instead of wasting hundreds of billions of dollars (and euros) on pie-in-the-sky fantasies the Left likes to call "green technology," everyone would have been better off.

When will they learn ...