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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Why Do They Ignore This Bunch?

What is it about Wall Street that gets the "Occupy Wall Street" protesters' panties in a bunch?  Maybe its the annual compensation some of the individual "movers and shakers" are bringing down.












Especially when you consider the fact that these "movers and shakers" get paid that kind of money - in a year - to move footballs and basketballs and shake golf clubs (and, in the case of Peyton Manning - at $38,070,000 - sitting on his butt and doing nothing).

But not a peep from those "occupiers" about LeBron James or Tiger Woods.

Why is that?

- - -

While we're at it, why don't the OWS kids protest Steven Spielberg ($85 million in 2009 earnings), James Cameron ($50 million), Ben Stiller ($40 million), Tom Hanks ($36 million)?

Or the highest paid of all? Oprah Winfrey at $290 million.

You make sense of it.  I can't.