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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Why Penn State's President SHOULD Have Been Fired

Long before the pedophilia scandal broke, exposing the alleged cover-up of the most heinous crime plaguing the civilized world, there was another cover-up at the same institution that went virtually unreported.

The whitewash of the Michael Mann/Climategate hoax.

To quote:

"Spanier was fired not because of any personal role in the Sandusky football scandal, but because of negligence on his part in ensuring that the allegations were properly investigated. This was not the only case in which Spanier failed to ensure proper investigation of misconduct allegations. As noted above, Spanier had falsely reported to the Penn State trustees and the public that the Penn State Inquiry Committee had properly interviewed critics and had examined the Climategate documents and issues 'from all sides'."

Penn State's president - with the willful assistance of the news media - kept that one under wraps quite well.