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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

With Eyes on the Prize

When this gal expresses her opinion, I listen.  I respect her judgment that much.
Why Gingrich Could Win
By Dorothy Rabinowitz, Wall Street Journal

Newt Gingrich's rise in the polls—from near zero to the third slot in several polls—should come as no surprise to people who have been watching the Republican debates, now drawing television viewers as never before. The former speaker has stood out at these forums, the debater whose audiences seem to hang on his words and on a flow of thought rich in substance, a world apart from the usual that the political season brings.

"Substance" is too cold a word, perhaps, for the intense feeling that candidate Gingrich delivers so coolly in debates. Too cold too, no doubt, to describe the reactions of his listeners, visible on the faces of the crowds attending these forums—in their expressions, caught on C-SPAN's cameras, in the speed with which their desultory politeness disappears once a Gingrich talk begins. Their disengagement—the tendency to look around the room, chat with their neighbors—vanishes. The room is on high alert.

The former speaker of the House is a dab hand at drawing listeners in, for good reason—he showers them with details, facts and history in a degree no candidate in recent memory has even approached. Audiences have a way of rewarding such trust.

Whoever his competitors are in Iowa and beyond, Mr. Gingrich faces a hard fight for the nomination. His greatest asset lies in his capacity to speak to Americans as he has done, with such potency, during the Republican debates. No candidate in the field comes close to his talent for connection. There's no underestimating the importance of such a power in the presidential election ahead, or any other one.

His rise in the polls suggests that more and more Republicans are absorbing that fact, along with the possibility that Mr. Gingrich's qualifications all 'round could well make him the most formidable contender for the contest with Barack Obama. [link]
Still a long shot.

But with Herman Cain's jumbled response(s) to charges of sexual harassment breeding too much doubt about his ability to deal with crisis, and with Mitt Romney engendering about as much excitement as a Barack Obama speech delivers these days, we conservatives - a lot of us - turn to Newt - again - to lead this country out of the wilderness.

I think there's a possibility that Romney could beat Obama next year.

There's even that possibility that Cain can.

But Gingrich?  He'd mop the floor with Obama's skinny ass.

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See Newt Gingrich in action.