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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Barack Obama to Congressional Republicans, September, 2011:

"Put country before party."

Barack Obama, three months later:

Do whatever you want with the country.  I'm going to party.

And off to sunny Hawaii he goes.

- - -

* It's worth noting that this 17-day vacation in Hawaii comes just four months after Obama's 10-day fling on Martha's Vineyard.  Sandwiched in between was his call for "country before partying your brains out."  

** To show how sensitive to the plight of the average American our president is, the White House has posted this statement on its official website:

"Year after year, President Obama understands that a Hawaii vacation is out of reach for most Americans. Which is why in a spirit of openness and transparency, the White House has decided to share his annual Hawaii vacation experience with the American People."

Gee.  Thanks.  Do we get a t-shirt with that?