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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ah, I had Forgotten

As many of you know, I quit watching NBC Nightly News many years ago.  But even I had forgotten completely why.

Yeah, for decades it's been fueled by leftist partisanship.  Which I can deal with.

And yeah, it has the exciting-as-peeling-wallpaper anchor Brian Williams reading the news.

And then there is the fact that some genius there thought Chelsea Clinton would - with her three college degrees and soon-to-be doctorate - a good reporter.

But that was only part of it.

I find out in the article that NBC Nightly News has a regularly featured segment entitled “Making a Difference.”  ("'Nightly News' most popular regular feature, "Making a Difference," profiles ordinary people doing extraordinary things, helping neighbors -- or even complete strangers -- in these tough economic times.")

On a news show.

On a "news" show.

For the love of God.  Make 'em go away, Lord.

Speaking of Whom, I thank Him for inventing the remote control.

- - -

To be fair to NBC, I should mention the fact that it doesn't hold a monopoly on stupidity.  ABC, another network I walked away from many years ago, thought it a good idea to hire a leftist with a serious and obvious hate-America bent to chair its once-venerable "This Week" program on Sunday.

So much for that:

Christiane Amanpour proves to be wrong fit

"Proves to be"? How about "destined to be".

A leftist anti-American gets poor ratings in pro-America America. What was their first clue that that was going to happen?