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Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Distinction Without a Difference

The editorialists at the Roanoke Times are worked up this morning over a proposal introduced to state legislators, "asking the General Assembly to waive requirements that legal notices be published in newspapers for public hearings, zoning requests and local budgets. Instead, that information would be available only on government websites."

The reason the editorialists are in low dudgeon?

People don't have the time to go to government websites to find out about the latest public notices relating to voting, public hearings, permitting, zoning requests, proposed ordinance modifications and the like.

Their solution?

Keep the current system in place wherein people go to their local newspaper - ahem - to find those same public notices.

How is that better than the proposed change?

People have the time to go through the newspaper looking for public notices.


They have time to wait for the paperboy to show up and fling a dead tree at them but they don't have the time to click the mouse and bring up Virginia Public Notices?

Do I smell an ulterior motive here?