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Sunday, December 11, 2011

An Editorial Without a Theme?

I expected, when I read "It’s more than Virginia Tech’s tragedy" in the rabidly anti-gun Washington Post this morning, to be confronted with another hackneyed call for another layer of gun control measures to be ladled upon those that already exist here in the state of Virginia and in the nation.  I expected, too, to respond to that tired utterance with the reminder that the location where that Virginia Tech tragedy occurred - on campus - already has a complete ban on the possession of firearms (and Virginia has laws dealing with aggravated murder - see VA Code § 18.2-31 ), thus making such a call a bit weird.  Or desperate.

But the Post editorial disappoints.  It doesn't call for anything.  It simply laments the loss of law enforcement life in America in 2011.  A position with which no one can disagree.

This is so unlike the irrational editorialists there that I wonder if the other shoe - WE NEED MORE GUN CONTROL!  JUST LOOK AT VIRGINIA TECH! - isn't to drop tomorrow.

Or maybe not.  Maybe the deep-thinkers there have finally seen the light.  Maybe they've come to understand that all the laws in the world aren't going to stop bad people from doing bad things.

Whatever the case, the Washington Post isn't on its high horse this morning.  Will wonders never cease.