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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Former NY City Police Commissioner: 10,000 Gun Laws Aren't Enough

And if Obama got the 10,001st passed by Congress, you can bet this robotic stuck-on-stupid liberal would tell you that isn't enough either.

Bill Bratton talking to CBS News about the rise of law enforcement deaths this year:

"You're always going to have - no matter how good we are at controlling crime spikes - and what you're seeing right now is an unfortunate aberration, in the sense that this year, it is up, and assaults on police, particularly those involving guns - the insanity of the lack of gun control laws in this country."


Insanity is believing that this country has a lack of gun control laws.  We are awash in gun laws.  They just serve no purpose when bad guys with bad intentions do bad things.

Case in point: How many laws - including gun laws - did that asshole who shot Officer Derieck Crouse on the Virginia Tech campus on December 8 defy?  Another law would have prevented what?

* I apologize for the fact that this guy can't put a constructive sentence together. He wasn't appointed police chief because of his grammatical skills. He was the good liberal, which is all that mattered.