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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Gun Sales Skyrocket

Ho. Ho. Ho.

This news is both heartwarming and amusing.

Sales of firearms - as measured by the National Instant Criminal Background Check System - soared to a record level on Black Friday. 129,166 requests for new gun purchases were made. One day. Exceeding the previous record by tens of thousands.

See "Black Friday Best-Seller: Guns."

Is it fair to say that the gun-banners on the coasts and in Washington have failed in their quest?  At least for the foreseeable future?

And can we thank Obama for that sales achievement?

And did it pain those at ABC News when they were forced to report this news?

We can only hope.

Here's the amusing part.  When asked for an explanation for the skyrocketing sales of guns, a spokesperson for the rabidly anti-gun (and deceptively named) Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, all Caroline Brewer could come up with was this:

It "might say something about marketing.”

Yeah. It's those ads in Guns & Ammo, a copy of which is on every coffee table in the land, that have motivated millions to own a firearm, many for the first time.

Get the impression that the folks at the Brady Center are hopelessly lost?

In any case, Americans are arming themselves like never before.

Let freedom ring.

* Photo courtesy of the Scottsdale Gun Club.