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Monday, December 19, 2011

I Get So ... Confused

First they were G's.

But that wasn't inclusive enough.  The L's would have none of it.

So they became G's and L's.

But the "bi's" felt like they were being left out.

As did the "trannies."

So along comes LGBT.

Now, courtesy of the Roanoke Times - ever diligent and ... inclusive, as it tries so hard to be - we find out that Washington and Lee University, its goal being to train tomorrow's leaders to not offend anyone on the planet except normal people, has come up with a new one:


Of which, as it turns out, I'm a by-God member!

That "Q"?  It stands for "question," as in those who question.

Me?  I question the freaking sanity of all these confused and miserable creatures.

Up next?


And on ...

And on ...

And ...

For the love of God.  Don't these people have something more important to do in life?