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Thursday, December 15, 2011

I Turned The Station

You may remember - about a year ago - how I was singing the praises of a Fox TV show entitled, "Glee." Wholesome and wildly entertaining, it was - at the time - the best show on television.

And then some genius with the series decided to change direction. To go after ... me. To "more aggressively target conservatives."


A show about teenagers learning their way into adulthood suddenly goes after me?

Needless to say, I haven't watched gleeless "Glee" in months.

And, as it turns out, a lot of other Americans (conservatives all?) have turned the channel as well:
Has 'Glee' lost its grip?
By Scott Collins, Los Angeles Times

A rare TV/music double sensation just last year, "Glee" — an over-the-top romp about a high-school show choir filled with colorful characters — has officially entered its awkward middle years.

Some of the stats are about as inviting as pimples and braces. "Glee" has shed 23% of its audience compared with last season even after DVR viewing is factored in, according to Nielsen. A 3-D movie tie-in was released in August and drew disappointing box office. Sales of the "Glee" albums — 13 in all, featuring the show's signature, chorus-style covers of pop hits — have plummeted lately compared with earlier efforts.

The deflation has been "kind of surprising," said Brad Adgate, an analyst at ad firm Horizon Media, given that the show is only in Season 3 and that for the rest of its schedule, Fox has seen big gains this fall compared with last year.

[T]here's little question that the "Glee" phenomenon has hit a junior-year slump. The show is averaging 10.3 million total viewers this season, down 23% compared with last year. [link]
There are a number of explanations for the show's precipitate drop in viewers.  All of which may be fact.

But here's my reason: Somehow I as a conservative became an enemy to those producing this once-entertaining show.  I'm not sure what I did to be a target for their vitriol but I can handle it.

In fact, it was easy to handle it.

I have 141 other channels on my TV to choose from.  None of which profess hatred toward me for who I am.

The geniuses who put out "Glee" made their bed.  Now they can lie in it.