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Sunday, December 04, 2011


Herman Cain has called it quits.

Hounded by his past, and by a press that wouldn't ask about Barack Obama's if they were paid to ask him about his past (oh, wait, they are paid to ask such questions), Cain made it official.

* Books should be written on the charge of racism(!) that seems to be selectively applied, depending on who's pushing the agenda.

In fact, Cain's decision made it a lot easier for his supporters to detach themselves and find a more viable candidate.  As time went on, it became painfully apparent that he didn't have the depth of knowledge necessary to run one of the largest organizations on the planet (much like Obama, who still doesn't).  Though I agree with him that he could have - and would have - surrounded himself with knowledgeable and capable people who would have been able to fill in the blanks (a good manager does that), the dearth of understanding was troubling.

So Herman bows out.  Too bad.  Yet good.

America moves on.