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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Norman Lear Was Always a Loon

This may be the most boneheaded bit of misguided wishful thinking to have come out of 2011.  And it comes from TV Land darling Norman Lear:
One of the most encouraging things to happen in 2011 was the birth of the Occupy Wall Street movement, which is giving the entire country the chance for a "born again American" moment. In calling attention to the country's widening chasm between rich and poor, the Occupiers have unleashed decades of pent-up patriotic outrage against the systematic violation of our nation's core principles by the "say good-bye to the middle class" alliance of the neocons, theocons and corporate America.
Those "occupiers" are patriots, you see.

Bad timing, though.  Lear's silly op/ed appeared in the Los Angeles Times the same day the Charlotte Observer ran this story:

4 charged after 2 U.S. flags burned at Occupy Charlotte site

Lear, I'd bet, would want you to believe that those four assholes are, in fact, patriots.  That they love their country.  Just not as it exists.  But as it will exist after they bring it down, kill off those who they deem worthy of execution, and reconstruct it from the rubble and rotting flesh.

Odd notion of patriotism.

From an odd man.