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Monday, December 05, 2011

On Herman Cain, There Was Just No There There

This, from this morning's Wall Street Journal, is spot on:
Herman Cain Departs
Why the shooting star candidate flamed out.

Herman Cain's departure from the Republican presidential race was inevitable, and the businessman did his family and party a service on Saturday in not prolonging the agony. Mr. Cain might have survived the accusations by assorted women if he had showed he was better prepared to be President.

The former pizza executive became a shooting star of a candidate based on his biography as a political outsider, his talents as a communicator, and his willingness to challenge the heart of Washington darkness that is the tax code. But as he rose in the polls, it became obvious that Mr. Cain was as surprised as anyone by his success. He had no organization and no real campaign plan. More troubling, he clearly hadn't thought hard enough about the challenges a President must confront.

Presidents don't have to be policy wonks, but they should be able to show more than a passing acquaintance with the major issues of the day. Mr. Cain showed that he understands how an economy works, but on foreign policy in particular he seemed almost dismissive of knowing too much, or very much at all. This was especially damaging in a year when GOP voters are looking for a nominee who can go 10 rounds with President Obama. [link]
The accusations about infidelity were troubling.  The shallowness of knowledge that Herman Cain evinced was far more so.

Too bad.  He looked so promising for a brief time.

Life - and the struggle - go on.