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Sunday, December 11, 2011

On Uranium Mining In Pittsylvania

Three points.

1) Pay no attention to those at the Southern Environmental Law Center.  They're hysterics.  And you're not going to die.

2) Uranium is successfully and safely mined every day of every week of every year around the planet.  And no one is dying in the process.  (And no one is dying in mysterious and even nefarious ways in order to keep Big Nuclear doing its dastardly deed, as Hollywood would have you believe,)

3) In order to allay any unwarranted, latent fears, the government of Virginia should do some thoughtful (okay, I'm trying to keep a straight face here) research, deliberation, and reasonable regulation-setting.  As proposed by this morning's Roanoke Times:
Develop uranium mining regs first

Any day now, maybe even by the time you are reading this, the National Academy of Sciences will issue a report on the potential impacts of uranium mining in Virginia. Its findings will influence the General Assembly as the commonwealth debates whether to lift its moratorium. Before Virginia makes that decision, it first should write the rules and regulations that would govern mining.

The idea came up at a forum on uranium mining held last week in Richmond. State Sen. Frank Wagner, R-Virginia Beach, suggested lawmakers could direct state agencies to write the rules and postpone a decision on the moratorium.

That makes eminent sense. [link]
It does indeed make eminent sense (which makes me wonder if some alien has taken over the Roanoke Times editorial boardroom).

Because it makes eminent sense, expect the Democrats in Richmond to work tirelessly to nix the attempt.

But make no mistake, uranium mining in Southside is going to happen.  With or without the radicals' acquiescence.

Ours is an energy-starved world.  And an even more energy-starved USA, what with Obama being in charge.  With an estimated 60,000 tons of precious nuclear power fuel sitting beneath the surface over in Coles Hill, the time is now to get moving on its harvest.