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Friday, December 30, 2011

One Of The Good Guys

And he's on the move in Iowa:
As he surges in Iowa, Rick Santorum rips Ron Paul
By James Oliphant, L.A. Times

Reporting from Muscatine, Iowa— Five days away from the Iowa caucuses, Rick Santorum was greeted here by a packed room of supporters and a battery of cameras and reporters, suggesting that his long-shot presidential campaign, once just a wisp on the radar screen, had finally found a spark just when it needed it the most.

It was just a day earlier that a new CNN-Time poll showed Santorum in third place, surging past rivals Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann. The poll seemed to confirm what had been felt here for days—that social conservatives here, a key to success in this state, were finally beginning to rally around a single candidate.

And so Santorum awoke to a changed world. For months, the former Pennsylvania senator had criss-crossed the state with little return on his investment, and had been, for all intents and purposes, an afterthought in the political conversation.

But Gingrich’s decline in the state seems to have given Santorum an opportunity. And Thursday he seemed to be relishing the moment, speaking to the media at length and passionately addressing the overflow crowd at a restaurant here along the Mississippi River. [link]
The best part?  Santorum is right on ALL the issues conservatives hold dear.

So, you ask, why hasn't he bounded to the top of the list of GOP candidates before now?

I'm thinking there are two reasons:

1) He lost in his last attempt at seeking public office.  In 2006 he was handily whipped by an excruciatingly  milquetoast opponent in his bid to win reelection to the Senate.  Tainted goods, you might say.

2) Santorum is known more for his positions on "social issues" than fiscal or foreign policy issues.  And everyone knows, Republicans aren't allowed to hold positions on gay stuff, drugs, abortion, and promiscuity.  Only Democrats may push legislation having to do with any of that.  So the Republican hierarchy would rather he went and died.

Me?  I don't give him a chance in Hades.

But he's a good man who'd do right by America if elected.