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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Quote of the Day

Who knows, maybe Newt Gingrich is the right man for the job.  If he gets the rabidly liberal and clinically insane Chris Matthews this worked up:
The Republican Party is about to seal a Faustian deal with the devil. Every observer from left to farthest right knows what's going on here. The Republicans, led by the angriest among them, are about to give away their partisan souls for one all-consuming political purpose, the destruction of Barack Obama. They're about to begin the nomination for President of a figure who represents the Mephistopheles of what they preach. He is nasty, brutal, ready to fight and kill politically, a man of no discernible commitments or values, who has nothing to offer but a sharp-as-hell intellect and a wicked rapier of words. For the right price and a presidential nomination is his [sic], Newt is ready to jump on a dime and hit any opponent where he shows weakness. Why are they on the verge of enlisting in the army of Newt? Because he voices in cold, nasty, deadly tones the words of their contempt, because he's an opportunist ready to seek any route to his opponent's heart and thereby kill it. He's a political killer, a gun for hire. But he offers a price so precious, he cannot be resisted.
"Unhinged Chris Matthews Shrieks: 'Deadly,' Satanic Newt Gingrich Is a 'Political Killer'," NewsBusters, December 12, 2011