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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

SleepWalking Thru History

It's a bit puzzling to hear the president of the United States tell us that today's Tea Party has the same motives pressing its membership to action as those drug-induced, lice-infested, muddle-brained "occupiers" have.

Yet, there was Obama doing just that on Tuesday.

Those who want government out of their lives - the Tea Party - are soul mates with those who - as Marxists and socialists - want government invading every aspect of our existence?


What to make of someone so obtuse?

Let me try and help this misbegotten Columbia and Harvard graduate.

The only kinship today's Tea Party - on the right - and the "occupy" movement - on the left - hold is in their shared desire for fundamental change in the way government interacts with the people.

That's it.  Beginning and end.  They have nothing else in common.

It's the kind of fundamental change each seeks that puts an ocean of difference between the two parties.

In truth, one wants an even more powerful central government - when their anarchist tendencies don't seize their consciences - while the other wants a Constitutionally limited government in Washington.*

When the revolution comes, Obama will see how much in common these two movements have.

- - -

A shining example of the gulf that separates the Bigger Government movement from the Tea Party can be found in their respective approaches to the issue of guns.  On the one side you have the Tea Partiers, who are staunchly pro-Second Amendment, and on the other you have statists like Jesse Jackson, who recently called for Washington to "limit guns now."  Listen to Jackson's reasoning:

"More Americans now own a gun on their property than any time since 1993, and for the first time, a majority of Americans are against a ban on assault rifles and semiautomatics."

Tough.  In Jackson's warped mind, the government should defy the will of that majority of American citizens and limit their freedom. "Limit Guns Now." Limit Freedom Now. All the same to him.

* That may be generous. Those "occupiers," on any given day, have trouble understanding and articulating exactly what they want. Drugs and alcohol will have that effect.