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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Those Lefties Are Hilarious

You know the difference between us and them? They like to define us. We like to quote them making fools of themselves trying to define us.

And have fun doing it.

Case in point: Mike Malloy, left-wing radio talk show host.

A major left-winger.

And proud Democrat, I should add.

Here's Malloy (courtesy of NewsBusters) defining for his audience ... us:
I'm talking about Democrats who understand that we are facing extinction as a species unless we do something about global warming and about getting off fossil fuels. So, I'm not talking about just going to the poll and voting for somebody with a D behind his name. Or her name. I'm talking about Democrats. We have the platform, we have the ind-, the party structure, and we have men and women in this country who are capable of providing the kind of leadership/survival that we need now. The Republicans are going to murder all of us. They are going to kill you, Mr. Right Winger. They're going to cut your throat, Miss Conservative. I don't give a goddamn how far up your ass you stick your head, they are going to kill you! They are going to end your country.
Okay, it's not exactly the most cogent fulmination you've ever heard. But it's typical of the loony Left in this country.

We're going to murder everyone - including ourselves!

Too funny.

Little weird.

But funny just the same.

What would we do for light-hearted mirth if it weren't for leftists to quote?

* You'll notice from the photo that Malloy has his left-wing thing down pat.