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Sunday, December 18, 2011

We Go From Seeking Energy Independence To ...

... soon seeking any energy we can find.

Obama and his environmentalist gang have taken us to that point.

And, though Congress has seen the light and has accepted the Keystone XL pipeline as a vital resource for our future needs, the president in his blissful indifference, has threatened to veto legislation that would permit its construction.

George Allen, Republican candidate for the Senate, has something to say about that.  From a press release:
“It is time for America to take control of our own destiny. The Keystone Pipeline would create tens of thousands of new jobs for Americans and increase our supply of affordable energy from our close neighbor and ally, not an unfriendly foreign regime. To put partisan politics ahead of American jobs and energy by punting this decision until after the 2012 elections or stopping this project would be an inexcusable failure of leadership at a time when American families and businesses are already struggling under this Administration’s many punishing regulatory policies. Tim Kaine’s silence as President Obama plays politics with this job-creating initiative shows once again that he would rather follow President Obama’s lead. On every major job-crushing policy from Obamacare to energy tax schemes coming out of Washington in the last three years, Tim Kaine has advocated for them rather than the best interests of Virginia families, seniors and small business owners."
Here's to the pipeline.

To our future.

To George Allen.

- - -

So you know, two power plants currently in operation in Southwest Virginia, are slated - by EPA decree and/or pressure - to be shut down.

What's the temperature outside this morning?