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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Well, That Didn't Take Long

Virginia Democrats tried to do through the court system what the voters of Virginia wouldn't - give them their power back.

The court system took one look at the pathetic attempt at overturning the November election and tossed the Democrats on the street.

The news:
Judge throws out Virginia Senate Democrats lawsuit
By Steve Contorno, Washington Examiner

A Richmond Circuit Court judge threw out a lawsuit from Virginia Democrats who are trying to force Republicans to share control of the state Senate when the new legislature convenes in January.

In a decision released Friday, Judge Beverly Snukals said the court “cannot intervene in the normal operating procedures of the Senate and enjoin one of the highest officials in the commonwealth from performing his constitutional duties.”

Democrats sued Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling earlier this month after Republicans claimed they would rule the Senate as though they have a majority even though November elections gave each party 20 seats. Bolling, a Republican, has the power to break ties and he is insisting that includes votes on organizational matters, like assigning committee chairmen.

In the lawsuit, Sen. Don McEachin, D-Henrico, asked the court for an injunction to keep Republicans from organizing the Senate.

Snukals said the Democrats’ case would likely fail because the legislature hasn’t even met yet and “power of an injunction or a declaratory judgment action cannot be used to force parties in disagreement to negotiate a compromise.”

"The Senate Democratic caucus will continue to explore all its options, both legal and procedural,” McEachin said. In the meantime, he asked Republicans to split responsibilities and committee assignments.

That’s unlikely. [link]
Unlikely, indeed.  Or, as my German ancestors would put it: Am Sankt Nimmerleinstag. *

So the Democrats are smacked down by the court.

It's a good day for Virginia.

* "On St. Never's Day."