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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Why China Looks So Inviting

It's not just the crushing tax burden here in the USA.

It's the rising mountain of onerous regulations as well.

One chart, provided by the Wall Street Journal, illuminates the growing problem with American business drying up:

Most importantly:

"To answer the most basic question—has regulation increased?—we'll focus on what the government defines as 'economically significant' regulations. Those are rules that impose more than $100 million in annual costs on the economy, though there are hundreds if not thousands of new rules every year that fall well short of that."

The chart reflects only "the big ones."

A basic rule by which to judge this: Every regulation is a cost that affects an employer's bottom line. Hit him or her with thousands upon thousands of regulations ...

... and you get the wretched economy that we are suffering through.

The worst part? With each passing day, more and more government mandates fall upon us.

Meanwhile, The Chinese hum right along.  Smiling.