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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Richard Cohen Is Insufferable

I can only guess that Alzheimer's has set in.  How else to explain his shockingly obtuse offering in this morning's Washington Post?
How little the U.S. knows of war
By Richard Cohen

I present you with a paradox. The U.S. Army that fought the Vietnam War was reviled, not spit upon (that's a myth) but not much admired, either. In contrast, the Army of Iraq and Afghanistan is embraced and praised. Yet one was an army of the people, draftees and such, and the other is an army of volunteers, strangers to most of us. What's happening here? The answer, I fear, is a cliche: Familiarity breeds contempt. [link]
What in God's name is this fool talking about?  Those who have volunteered to protect our country against the Muslim savages who plot to kill American women and children are "strangers to most of us"?  Where does this guy hang out?  Manhattan?

Outside his weird world, we ALL here in America know (and revere) someone close to us who serves and has served.  After all, it was - and is - the National Guard, citizen soldiery at its essence, that has carried much of the burden in maintaining our presence in both Iraq and Afghanistan for years now.  A Guard organization that has its roots in every community in this vast land.

And how many of us normal Americans haven't had a loved one, a relative, or a neighbor who stepped up and shouldered arms for his or her country over the last ten years?

Very few is the answer.

In my case my nephew, Jon Fuhrman, while serving with the 101st Airborne, was in the initial attack wave that entered Saddam's hellhole in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003 and participated in the assault in Mosul that resulted in Hussein's two sons meeting their 72 virgins.  And it's my son-in-law, Lt. Col Michael Kasprzyk, II Marine Expeditionary Force, who "mans the walls" to protect our way of life each and every day so that sorry shits like Richard Cohen can prattle on with his incomprehensible twaddle.

In truth, we all have "skin in the game."  All except for cloistered liberals in New York and Washington, perhaps.

One more thing:  Let me correct this twit on his other point.  The vast majority of Americans never "reviled" men and women in uniform during the Vietnam War either.  We, in fact, always admired them for fighting the good fight in a hopelessly botched and politically unwinnable conflict.

It was only anti-war lowlifes like Richard Cohen who reviled them.

So he's absolutely wrong on both counts.

Go figure.  The Washington Post's village idiot was wrong.  It must be Tuesday.

Something To Ponder

Glenn Reynolds wonders:

"IS OBAMA INTENTIONALLY DAMAGING OUR ECONOMY? I don’t think so, but I’m scratching my head trying to figure out what he’d do differently if he were. . . ."

Perplexing to be sure.  Are Osama and Obama working separately to achieve the same ends? 

A Waste Of Effort

Why am I not interested in the story coming out of New York City that has to do with that public employee union slowdown that made the recent blizzard emergency situation a city disaster?

For this reason: Despite public outrage, including demands for union bosses to do jail time,  and calls for investigations, nothing is going to come of it.  The unions own the city of New York.  And the unions won't allow any investigation to go forward, much less bring about change.

That, coupled with the fact that the voters of New York City have wanted it that way, (and let's not forget the time-honored rule that prohibits the usage of the words "union" and "productivity" in the same sentence, ever), means all the carping will amount to squat when it comes to any substantive reordering of the way things are done in the Big Apple.

So I'll not waste my time.  The people there got what they deserved.

I move on.

Brace Yourselves

If you think the price you paid for a tank of gas the other day was outrageous, stick around.  Obama and his ilk have barely started their war on fossil fuels.

From the "Top Five Things Obama Has Done to Raise Gasoline Prices," by Steve Everley:
With gasoline currently above $3 per gallon nationwide and economists expecting that price to rise even further in 2011, America should be getting serious about producing more of its own resources. But instead of focusing on how to bring more relief to American motorists, President Obama has imposed massive new regulations, restrictions, and even threatened higher taxes on American energy, all of which negatively impact domestic production.

Why has President Obama led the charge to restrict American energy? The answer is elusive, and it's anyone's guess what his administration will do (if anything) to fight for lower gasoline prices. But if past statements from him and his administration are any indication, the U.S. could be stuck (absent major legislative and regulatory changes) with prohibitively high gasoline prices: Then-Senator Obama said on the campaign trail in 2008 that he doesn't object to high oil prices as long as they come about gradually, and Secretary of Energy Steven Chu once famously said he hoped the U.S. would "boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe," where prices are currently about $7 per gallon.
By fall, if the trend continues, the price of gasoline at the pump will have doubled since Obama came into office. And make no mistake, it is a planned doubling.

Can't make ends meet? Too bad. Our president has more important concerns than the wellbeing of the citizenry of this country.

Although I'm Enjoying One Aspect ...

... of New York City's Snowmageddon story.

Mayor Bloomberg (a ... Republican), while focusing his every energy on ridding the state of Virginia of its gun shops, and ridding his city's restaurants of that evil substance we know as methamphetamine cocaine heroin cannabis salt ...

"... has been spending far too much time on ephemera -- lately, the alleged evils of political partisanship -- and not nearly enough on the basics of municipal governance.
"And, as a result, he got his pants pulled down by a gaggle of mutinous garbagemen."

I feel somewhat guilty about the fact that I'm experiencing far more schadenfreude over this than I should.  After all, people have died from this liberal do-gooder's malfeasance.   But as I stated in the post above ...

Don't Tell Obama

Or he'll try to shut off this source of energy too:

See "North Dakota may produce 700,000 barrels of oil per day by 2014-2017 [with] over 11 billion barrels of reserves."

A godsend in this energy-starved time.

Quote of the Day

James Taranto on the crumbling prospects the global warmists among us cling to in order to redistribute the world's wealth:
One global-warmist flack "said [President] Obama should eventually play an important role as the nation's educator-in-chief." Because the American people just love being lectured by that guy.

This is all awfully familiar. We've seen it before with global warming--as well as ObamaCare and any number of other topics. Those on the left are enthralled with the idea of mass marketing and PR, which they seem to imagine are methods of fooling large numbers of people. Actually, effective marketing and PR are about establishing trust, which requires honesty.

In light of the Climategate emails and the ever-changing claims as to how global warming will affect the weather, Americans have good reason to suspect that global warmism is a scam. No PR effort can succeed unless it begins by acknowledging that those suspicions are legitimate.
To the charge of "ever-changing claims" Taranto might have added the "ever-changing title" the hopelessly floundering warmists have given to their ever-shifting narrative relating to global warming climate change climate disruption.  A sign that the theory, with its accompanying dogma, are built on quicksand.

The key word in the above quote, though, is "honesty."  A concept scientists once - long ago - grasped.