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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

My Only Response Is ...

... was she that bad?

We all know it would take a lot for the rabidly liberal Roanoke Times editorial board to endorse a conservative Republican.  A lot, like in hold-a-gun-to-their-heads lot.

Or, perhaps, in the case of Greg Habeeb's Democratic opponent, it would take very, very little.

Yet there it was, for all the world to see:
Greg Habeeb in the 8th District

If Salem attorney Greg Habeeb succeeds in his effort to replace Morgan Griffith in the House of Delegates, we don't expect to cheer many of his votes.

Habeeb is a deeply conservative individual who believes that, even after years of punishing budget cuts, state government remains too large.

He believes, as he put it when he announced his intent to run for the seat left vacant when Griffith beat Rep. Rick Boucher, that, "Government isn't always the problem, but it is rarely the solution."

We disagree with him vehemently on both of those fundamental notions and, we suspect, on many other issues he would face as a delegate.

Despite that, we believe he is the better candidate in the Jan. 11 election, and we are recommending that voters of the 8th District send him to Richmond. [link]
This can mean only one thing, of course.  And it's not that Greg Habeeb is necessarily that attractive a candidate (although, by all accounts, he is).   It's that his opponent must really suck.

So we search the editorial ...

... and search ...

... and, by golly, finally, there in the fourteenth paragraph, we learn the real story:
His opponent, Democrat Ginger Mumpower, failed to impress. She lacked specific answers on vital policy questions, such as transportation funding, and seemed ill-prepared to serve.

Her only experience in political office was on the Radford City Council back in the mid-'80s. She might have been better served by taking another shot at a local office before running for the General Assembly.
Translated, that means Mumpower must have been bad. Really bad. Godawful bad.

How it must have pained the board members at the Times to have to sit down and write that endorsement. Of a conservative!

I can only smile. And congratulate Habeeb on his good fortune.

Assuming the Times endorsement doesn't scare away every sane voter in the 8th House District.

- - -

The Habeeb campaign has released the following to the press:
The Roanoke Times offered an endorsement of Greg Habeeb, the Republican candidate for the 8th District House of Delegates seat, in its Wednesday, January 5 edition.

The Roanoke Times called Habeeb a “deeply conservative individual” who “did not attempt to hide who he was” during its editorial board interview.

“I am pleased that the Roanoke Times recognizes that my conservative beliefs make up the backbone of who I am,” said Habeeb. “But they also know that I am a leader who will work across party lines to get things done. I do not expect us to always agree, but I am happy that they see me as the best candidate for the job.”

The editorial board acknowledged it will likely have further disagreements with Habeeb on important issues like the state budget and the general role of government, but still believes “he is the better candidate in the Jan. 11 election, and we are recommending that voters of the 8th District send him to Richmond.”

“This election is about the people of Salem and Roanoke County, and I will work for them as a member of the House of Delegates,” said Habeeb. [received via email]
It's all yours, man. Go. And make us proud.

What Is It About Liberals?

Yesterday we were subjected to Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen's bizarre missive in which he came to the startling conclusion that we Americans were detached from the war effort because none of us really knows anyone in the military.  (One assumes he came to that conclusion about 230 million people because ... Richard Cohen - an army of one - doesn't know anyone in the military.)

Now we get another taste of bizarre.  From one of Cohen's fellow media types.  And another liberal.

Katie Couric:
I also think sort of the chasm between, or, the bigotry expressed against Muslims in this country has been one of the most disturbing stories to surface this year. [snip] I think there wasn’t enough sort of careful analysis and evaluation of where this bigotry toward 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide, and how this seething hatred many people feel for all Muslims, which I think is so misdirected, and so wrong—and so disappointing. [link]
First, a lesser point: Our "seething hatred" was misdirected?  On whom should that hatred have been directed, genius?  Navy captains who participate in raunchy (morale boosting) video productions perhaps?  Now there's a subject worth spewing our collective seething hatred toward.  The bastard.

An aside: Giving her the benefit of the doubt, I'll assume that she didn't mean to say the words she said.  The same benefit of the doubt her kind gave that Navy captain. 

But "seething hatred" of Muslims?  Here in the USA?

Sure we have issues with them.  Mostly due to the fact that they sit back and seem to have no real problem - judging by their own comments or lack thereof - with their brethren overseas (and in New York and in Washington D.C. and in a farm field in Pennsylvania) slaughtering innocent human beings in the name of Allah.  Their silence is deafening.

But seething hatred?  Where does this Couric character get her information?  Comedy Central?  CAIR?  The Democratic National Committee?

I've got news for this twit.  We Americans come closer to evincing seething hatred toward dimwitted, cloistered, liberal, Manhattan-bound TV news readers than we do toward Muslims.

Seething hatred?  Katie Couric doesn't even want to be around when that day comes.

So Much More Important Than Winning a War

Forget Afghanistan.  Forg ... well, never mind.  We've already forgotten Iraq.  And al Qaeda.

We have more important military matters to attend to.

Like allowing gays to wear those manly uniforms.

And crushing all lighthearted, off-color banter within the ranks.

The terrorists smile:
Sacked Navy captain once had a bright future
By Steve Szkotak and Dena Potter, Associated Press

Norfolk, Va. (AP) — Navy Capt. Owen Honors was an officer with a bright future, a hotshot fighter jock who rose to become commander of one of the most storied ships in the fleet, the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise.

His undoing was a sense of humor that seemed a throwback to the Navy's raucous, macho Tailhook days nearly two decades ago.

Honors, 49, was sacked as commander of the Enterprise on Tuesday for what the Navy called a "profound lack of good judgment and professionalism" in making and showing to his crew raunchy comic videos three or four years ago. In the videos, Honors used gay slurs and pantomimed masturbation.

Once on track to be an admiral, Honors has been reassigned to administrative duties. Military experts said his career is probably over.

"Unfortunately, when you're an officer with that kind of responsibility and you make a big error in judgment, the price that you pay is often high, particularly if the mistake you made gets a lot of publicity," said Stephen Saltzburg, general counsel of the National Institute of Military Justice and a law professor at George Washington University. [link]
"A big error in judgment."

Losing his ship to a terrorist attack Raunchy comic videos.

A Navy captain gets sacked.

For the love of God.

Osama bin Ladin must be smiling.