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Thursday, January 13, 2011

They Have a Long Way To Go

Let me get this straight.  The global warming fanatics at the American Geophysical Union think they can win back some of the support they've lost for their cause by working harder at public relations?

If that's so, they might start by rethinking their annual convention.

Who was the primary corporate sponsor of the event?

One of those evil oil companies that are killing the planet.

Maybe they're right.  Maybe they need to work on their public relations.

Something For Which The Left Can Rejoice

All that talk about "heated rhetoric leading to disastrous consequences"? It's always selectively applied by that bunch.

With Sarah Palin being the target, you can bet they just don't care.

Or worse?

- - -

Here's a glaring example of that which can be expected, provided by Michael Falcone and Amy Walter of ABC News.

"Sarah Palin, once again, has found a way to become part of the story. And she may well face further criticism for the timing and scope of her remarks."

She's accused of inciting murder, without having said or done anything that rises to the level.  She receives death threats at "unprecedented levels" as a direct result of that scurrilous charge having been leveled.  And these ghouls blame her for trying to worm her way into the story.

If, Heaven forbid, something ever happened to her, this gutter trash will be telling us that it's her own fault.

May God have mercy on them.

- - -

Elizabeth Scalia is as baffled - an annoyed - by this bunch as I am:
Will the speech change anything? Charles Krauthammer, in post-speech remarks, said he thought it would put a stop to the insane, Palin-heavy rhetoric of the past few days. I hope that is true but I have my doubts. On twitter, I watched a number of journalists (Andrea Mitchell, Dave Weigel and others) immediately begin either talking about or snarking about Palin, and I couldn’t help thinking, “the president–your president whom you love–just gave the speech of his presidency and not five minutes later you’re on Palin again? Conservatives are here praising the president, and instead of joining in, you’re obsessing on Sarah Palin? Does that seem like normal, rational, healthy behavior or sick obsession?
Key word being SICK.

Maybe they're Just Not Very Bright

I read last night about Illinois Governor Pat Quinn going from Democratic state legislator to Democratic state legislator congratulating each for having just passed his 66% tax increase on the voters of their state.  My thought was - Shouldn't they be seeking employment instead?  Because, one way or another, either by voter retaliation or by putting Illinois out of business, their action spells doom.  Why don't they get that?

That having been said, there is a bright side.

For Wisconsin and Indiana.

The Wall Street Journal:
Jubilation has broken out in the Midwest—or at least in Wisconsin and Indiana, now that Democrats in neighboring Illinois have rushed their tax increase into law.

Late Tuesday night, Democrats in the Illinois house and senate rammed through Governor Pat Quinn's 67% hike in the state income tax and a nearly 50% jump in the state corporate tax. The increase will add $1,400 to the average family's tax bill, and we doubt it will help job creation in a state that has lost 374,000 jobs since 2008.

New Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker immediately rolled out a press release inviting Illinois businesses to decamp to the Badger State, contrasting his agenda to reduce taxes and welcome business with the Illinois increase. Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels added: "We already had an edge on Illinois in terms of the cost of doing business, and this is going to make it significantly wider."

That's for sure. 
Here in Virginia, where Democrats are becoming an ever rarer breed election after election, those few remaining have responded to their drubbing at the polls in November (and again on Tuesday) by introducing legislation in the House and Senate that would raise a whole host of taxes on a hard-pressed electorate that continues to reject Democrat calls for bigger government (and the taxes that would sustain it).  Not exactly a smart way to win over the people.

I guess it's fortunate that we don't have a Wisconsin or an Indiana nearby to readily take in our businesses and our entrepreneurs.  We have Maryland.  And North Carolina.  And West Virginia.  All high-tax states in their own right.

But Texas beckons.

As does Shanghai.

And the Democrats don't seem to care.

How to explain this?

You Mean This Is Calculated?

How else to explain the left's otherwise inexplicable fixation on Sarah Palin being somehow responsible for the Tucson massacre?

Daniel Henninger:
The stakes for the American left in 2012 couldn't possibly be higher. If then, and again in 2014, progressives can't pull toward their candidates some percentage of the independent voters who in November abandoned the Democratic Party, they could be looking in from the outside for as many years as some of them have left to write about politics. A wilderness is a terrible place to be.

Against that grim result, every sentence Messrs. Krugman, Packer, Alter, the Times and the rest have written about Tucson is logical and understandable. What happened in November has to be stopped, by whatever means become available. Available this week was a chance to make some independents wonder if the tea parties, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Jared Loughner are all part of the same dark force.

Who believes this? They do. 
Seems like an odd way to go about winning over independents.  By making up a lie and working overtime to foist it upon  a pretty well-educated and savvy populace?  I suppose it's been done before.  But not since the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.  And without having achieved any desired results.

But the point is spot-on.  They actually believe this stuff about Rush Limbaugh and the Tea Party and seething hatred (even though Rush comes across as being full of mischief and delight each and every day he's on the air; hate?).

They expect the rebellion (and the lynchings) to begin any day now.

Maybe we should let them cling to their silly beliefs.

Makes for great entertainment.