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Friday, January 14, 2011

And Obama Blocks Exploration & Drilling

Welcome to the world he's intended for us:

Oil at $100.

Remember when he talked about closing the gap between the haves and have-nots? 

You ain't seen nothing yet.

Lost In The Wilderness

"Where am I?  Why am I here?"

Welcome to Afghanistan 2011.

Can anyone explain to me what the plan is for the war anymore?
Biden's Afghan Reversal
'We are not leaving in 2014.'
Wall Street Journal

In late December, we scored Joe Biden for putting his foot through the Administration's carefully designed Afghan diplomacy. The Vice President declared to much media fanfare on NBC's "Meet the Press" that U.S. troops would start leaving Afghanistan this summer and that "We're going to be totally out of there, come hell or high water, by 2014."

We're happy to say the Veep seems to be coming around. This week on a visit to Afghanistan and Pakistan, Mr. Biden reversed himself in a way that deserves as much attention as his earlier blunder.

"It is not our intention to govern or to nation-build. As President Karzai often points out, this is the responsibility of the Afghan people, and they are fully capable of it," Mr. Biden said at a press conference Tuesday with Afghan President Hamid Karzai. "We stand ready to help you in that effort. And we will continue to stand ready to help you in that effort after 2014.

"The United States, if the Afghan people want it, are prepared, and we are not leaving in 2014. Hopefully we will have totally turned over [the lead on security] to the Afghan security forces . . . but we are not leaving, if you don't want us to leave."

U.S. policy hasn't changed, but Mr. Biden's change of emphasis is still significant. [link]
The Wall Street Journal feels it necessary to congratulate Biden for getting it right.  Which is an occasion worth noting, I'll admit.

But what is right?  This open-ended war on something-that-we-refuse-to-even-define-let-alone-call-Islamist-Terror?  For what are our best and bravest dying?  What is the objective now that George W. Bush has departed and Mr. "We're Fighting The Wrong War" is in the White House?  To kill all the Taliban?  They're now living in Pakistan.  With more being born, raised, and recruited every day.  Does anyone believe Obama is going to seek them out and destroy them there?

Say what you will about ol' George, at least he made the attempt to define the terms of VICTORY and then set out with his every fiber to achieve it.

Today we sacrifice soldiers and marines with the indifference of a budget line item.  We're there because Obama needed a foreign policy in 2008 and this is the one he hung his hat on on a whim.  And a political calulation.

So we're now to be in Afghanistan beyond 2014.  That's our goal.  Our strategy.  What we fight for.

My God.  May He help watch over our brave men and women in uniform and get them back to us - someday - many years from now - in one piece.