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Thursday, January 20, 2011

They Kept Their Promise

The Republicans in the House of Representatives - with a little help - voted to repeal the most detested piece of legislation to be put into law since the 1791 excise tax on whiskey was implemented and half the then-nation went into rebellion.

The vote to repeal ObamaCare: 245 aye, 189 no.  The roll call is here.

In this part of the country, Morgan Griffith, Eric Cantor, Robert Hurt, and Bob Goodlatte all voted in favor of scrapping the mess and starting over.

Griffith's office released the following to the press:
Washington – Congressman Morgan Griffith (R-VA) issued the following statement today after voting in favor of H.R. 2, the Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act. The bill passed the House 245-189.

“Your personal health care decisions should be made by you and your doctor, and no one else. Our health care system needs reform, but ObamaCare is not the answer. ObamaCare will ultimately destroy valuable jobs. We can do better than a government takeover.

“I took an oath to uphold the Constitution. When it comes to health care, we need choices--not unconstitutional mandates. We need commonsense policies that create jobs and improve access to care without busting the budget. Repealing ObamaCare will end the 1099 mandate and give businesses the certainty they need to grow.

Congressman Griffith is an original co-sponsor of this legislation. Now that the bill has cleared the House, it will be sent to the Senate for further consideration.
Thanks go out to Griffith and his fellow Republicans for looking out for the people.

The legislation now goes to the Senate where the Democrats are in control. Expect it to be shot down (if it ever even comes to a vote). Harry Reid has vowed to protect his Dem buddies there, so it's quite possible that our sorry excuses for senators, James Webb and John Warner, won't have to expose themselves to certain derision. A cowardly act on Reid's part if he buries it, but that's the way it works.

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You can see Griffith's floor speech before the vote here:

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The Wall Street Journal:
The GOP does need to craft a reform alternative based on competition and market incentives that is more than a return to the status quo ante. And while "repeal and replace" can't happen as long as Mr. Obama wields veto power, yesterday's vote sent an important signal to voters that ObamaCare can't be fixed at the margins when it is so destructive at its core.
This much is certain: If we allow ObamaCare to stand, our once-great health care system will come crashing down.

Republicans need to act.  And act now.  Obama has, in the last two years, proven that he can be rolled.  So roll over him and fix this thing.

We've Got a Lot Of Work To Do

Meanwhile here in Virginia ...

From the RPV:
Senate Democrats Kill Transportation 'Lockbox', Right-to-Work, Other Common-Sense Bills in Less Than an Hour

It might be some sort of record. Legislators have spent entire careers in Richmond and been in the position to kill common-sense, conservative legislation only once or twice. And then they would think long and hard before following through.

But on Tuesday, the current crop of Senate Democrats managed to wipe out no fewer than FOUR such pieces of legislation IN LESS THAN AN HOUR.

During Tuesday morning's meeting of the Senate P&E Committee's Subcommittee on Constitutional Amendments, Reapportionment, Referenda, Democrats cast party-line votes to kill the following measures:

• SJ 353 - Provides for a 'lockbox' that would block any attempt to divert money from the Transportation Trust Fund to other purposes.

• SJ 301 - Provides that unions may only be formed in Virginia via a secret ballot. Would block "card check" method of unionization.

• SJ 323 - Would enshrine Virginia's right-to-work laws in the Constitution, giving businesses and employers certainty that the Commonwealth's fundamental labor policy won't make any snap changes after an election.

• SJ 280 - Memorializes Congress to call a limited Constitutional convention for the purpose of proposing a "repeal amendment" which would let 2/3 of state legislatures repeal any law passed by Congress.

RPV Chairman Pat Mullins issued the following statement on the Democrat's dubious achievement:

"I don't think I've ever seen a group of state Senators make such a strong case for their replacement in such a short amount of time. The Democrats' decision to kill a Constitutional amendment that would have protected our Transportation Trust Fund is simply indefensible - especially given the frequent Democratic hand-wringing over transportation funding.

Their votes against protecting our Right-to-Work laws are astoundingly short sighted. At a time when Virginia needs every advantage it can get to bring jobs into the Commonwealth, putting Right-To-Work into the Virginia Constitution would give employers a new measure of certainty, making it easier for them to create new jobs. Yet the Democrats voted in lock step AGAINST making that advantage stronger.

Democrats like to talk about how there's never been a challenge to our Right to Work laws, and so we don't need a Constitutional amendment. But just because you've never had an accident doesn't mean you don't need car insurance.
Our senator here in Southwest Virginia, Phil Puckett, doesn't sit on this subcommittee, but Alleghany County's Creigh Deeds does.  In fact he runs the subcommittee whose Democrat members these days pout like they had their teddy bear taken away from them.

They'll get away with this for a while.

But then the voters will catch up with them like they did Perriello and Boucher.  They'll then run but they'll not hide.

We have a long memory, fellas.

All You Need To Know About Roanoke Times Columnists

In 16 simple words:

"[T]he world's largest retailer is to American commerce what pornography is to the romance film industry."

The rationale for that bit of snootiness?

"Walmart can be a learning experience, though -- a cheap and tawdry one that titillates* the most base instincts of consumerism."

Cheap and tawdry.**  Meaning: There the great unwashed - tasteless and smelly - which includes 98% of America - shop.  Where the genteel would never set foot.

Speaks volumes.

* Titillates?  Wal-Mart?  What kind of porn has this guy been watching?
** "Cheap and tawdry."  I'll skip over the fact that they mean the same thing.

Hey, That's My Job!

I resent this.  Only because it's my responsibility to offer up grossly overwrought, over-the-top pronouncements on the issues of the day.

The Roanoke Times editorial page?

Gross. Overwrought. Over the top. Twisted. Delusional.

My territory.

Suzy One-Note

How do we stop deranged psychotics from killing innocent human beings?

If you're a New York Democrat - which evinces a certain psychosis in itself - you skip past the deranged part.  You even overlook the weapon.  And you go after those evil magazines.

Earth to Broken Record:  Your legislation would have prevented slowed exactly one mass murder in American history.

Another Democrat majoring in the minors.

How about you do something productive about the crazies who are allowed to walk among us?

* Note:  There'll come a day when twits like Carolyn McCarthy - if they aren't blocked from doing so - will define a high-capacity magazine as being anything that holds one or more rounds.

Necessity Breeds Innovation

Stop the presses:
President Obama to get a little more personal
By Jake Sherman and Marin Cogan, Politico

President Barack Obama is once again the big draw at this year’s House Democratic Caucus retreat, but instead of giving a big motivational speech to the crowd, he’s planning to get a little more personal this time around.

On Friday evening in Cambridge, Md., according to aides, the president will show up to work the room, glad-handing with Democrats individually and in small groups at the Hyatt Regency, signaling a more hands-on approach to House Democrats who are still getting used to life in the minority. [link]
Uh, guys?

The reason Obama will be working the room, meeting with Democrats "individually and in small groups" is because, after the November elections, there are only enough Democrats remaining  - a small group - to meet with.

And a smaller group he'll be meeting with (should he be fortunate enough to get reelected) in 2012 as well.


Why I Love Michelle Malkin

It's the appropriate time to bring forth a column she wrote right after the election:

I want to give birth to her children.

Democrats Are Idiots

Exhibit number 23,243:

It's said she got her law degree from the University of Virginia.

Someone needs to seriously look at its accreditation.

Michael Moore. Clueless.

So what else is new?

This is hilarious.

If only someone would move all those trees so that this dumbass could see the forest ...

Today's Example of Liberals Keeping It Civil


Today's Example of Liberals Keeping It Civil II

They're All Butchers

It's just that this abortionist is the worst of the bunch:
DA: Pa. abortion doc killed 7 babies with scissors
By Maryclaire Dale and Patrick Walters, Associated Press

Philadelphia (AP) — A doctor whose abortion clinic was described as a filthy, foul-smelling "house of horrors" that was overlooked by regulators for years was charged Wednesday with murder, accused of delivering seven babies alive and then using scissors to kill them.

Dr. Kermit Gosnell was also charged with murder in the death of a woman who suffered an overdose of painkillers while awaiting an abortion.

In a nearly 300-page grand jury report filled with ghastly, stomach-turning detail, prosecutors said Pennsylvania regulators ignored complaints of barbaric conditions at Gosnell's clinic, which catered to poor, immigrant and minority women in the city's impoverished West Philadelphia section.

Prosecutors called the case a "complete regulatory collapse."

"Pennsylvania is not a Third World country," the district attorney's office declared in the report. "There were several oversight agencies that stumbled upon and should have shut down Kermit Gosnell long ago." [link]
""Pennsylvania is not a Third World country"?  And yet it allowed this to go on?  I think that makes it a Third World country.

Shame on everyone there who allowed this to happen.

* And what to make of those who will argue that killing babies with scissors is bad but killing them with suction hoses is acceptable?