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Sunday, January 23, 2011

This Is Just Silly

Civil War preservationists have their thongs stuck in their cracks over the fact that Wal-Mart is going to build one of its superstores near a battlefield site here in Virginia.

NEAR a battlefield site.

The outrage.

I ask you, though, which of Wal-Mart's other 95 locations here in the Commonwealth aren't near a Civil War battlefield site?  The whole freaking state is one big Civil War battlefield site.

Abortion Supporters Are Dangerous To Public Health

And I'm not talking only about their being dangerous with regard to all the little babies whose deaths they encourage.

The irony: The feminist ideal is killing women.

This is criminal.

Where Is The Outrage?

Where's Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-N.Y.) when we need her?
Left wing climate of hate and assassination
Jack Cashill, American Thinker

In September 2010 Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon was scheduled to speak at Penn Valley Community College in Kansas City.

At some point, wearing black clothes and a bullet-proof vest, 22 year-old Casey Brezik bolted out of a classroom, knife in hand, and slashed the throat of a dean. As he would later admit, he confused the dean with Nixon.

The story never left Kansas City. It is not hard to understand why. Knives lack the political sex appeal of guns, and even Keith Olbermann would have had a hard time turning Brezik into a Tea Partier.

Indeed, Brezik seems to have inhaled just about every noxious vapor in the left-wing miasma: environmental extremism, radical Islam, anti-capitalism, anti-Zionism and Christophobia, among others.

In his "About Me" box on Facebook, Brezik listed as his favorite quotation one from progressive poster boy, Che Guevara. The quote begins "Our every action is a battle cry against imperialism" and gets more belligerent from there.

On his wall postings, Brezik ranted, "How are we the radical(s) (left) to confront the NEW RIGHT, if we avoid confrontation all together?" [link]
Why didn't we hear about this incident before?  Why weren't we told about this radical leftist's hate-driven assassination attempt?

Oh, wait.

Radical.  Leftist.

I think I've figured out why the media - and the nitwit from New York - have remained conspicuously silent.

He's Not Serious

This is Obama's idea of making American products competitive?

"If we're serious about fighting for American jobs and American businesses, one of the most important things we can do is open up more markets to American goods around the world."

Earth to guy who never took Business 101 or read Economics for Dummies: That's stupid.

If "we" are serious about "fighting" for American businesses, we'd do whatever is necessary to allow those businesses to be competitive with the Chinese.  That fight would start by our government lowering the confiscatory corporate tax rates that are currently in place in this country.

Does anyone think this Democrat is prepared to even consider that?


So his idea of "fighting" is to ask other people in other countries do something for him that is not in their best interests.  That's "fighting"?

That's not even "trying."

We can be competitive.  But we need to fight to make it happen.

Wishing upon a star is not fighting.

Take it from someone who's taken Business 101: Not only is opening up foreign markets something we shouldn't be "fighting" to accomplish, we don't even need to play at it.  As the Chinese have proven here - to our detriment - make a decent product at a great price and the markets will open up without any effort on our part whatsoever.

Interesting Thought

But it's not going anywhere.

Idaho GOP gets ready to nullify health care reform
By John Miller, Associated Press

BOISE, Idaho – After leading the nation last year in passing a law to sue the federal government over the health care overhaul, Idaho's Republican-dominated Legislature now plans to use an obscure 18th century doctrine to declare President Barack Obama's signature bill null and void.

Lawmakers in six other states — Maine, Montana, Oregon, Nebraska, Texas and Wyoming — are also mulling "nullification" bills, which contend states, not the U.S. Supreme Court, are the ultimate arbiter of when Congress and the president run amok.

It's a concept that's won favor among many tea party adherents who believe Washington, D.C., is out of control.

Though a 1958 U.S. Supreme Court decision reaffirmed that federal laws "shall be the supreme law of the land," Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter is promoting the idea, too. In his January 10 State of the State speech, he told Idaho residents "we are actively exploring all our options — including nullification." [link]
There are in existence today two ways to "nullify" Obama's draconian laws.  One is to "vote the bums out" who went along with his nefarious schemes in the first place (you guys did a pretty darn good job of that in November) and have the laws "nullified" by new members of Congress.  Hello, Obamacare.  The other is for states to band together and declare - through their state legislators - that they believe Obama's individual efforts at socialism should be nullified.  If enough states agree, an amendment to the Constitution is then sent to We the People and we nullify. (It would be messy, but there is that mechanism.  Hello, Prohibition).

Except for Anthony Kennedy (who, on any given day, is prepared to believe just about anything), no other member of the United States Supreme Court is prepared to go along with the nullification movement.

So save your breath.

And devote your energies to throwing more of the bums out.

By the way, James Webb comes up for reelection in less than two years.

Please. No.

Obama is being urged to keep working on "energy" as he goes forward.

Gas prices will soon have doubled since the day he came into office, oil drilling in the gulf is at a standstill, oil exploration has dried up, nothing's been done about getting back on track with nuclear power, coal operations are being shut down by his EPA, and poor Americans are going without heat because utility rates - thank you again, EPA - are now breathtakingly high.

I don't think more talk about windmills and "green" shit is going to sway too many Americans these days.

We think Obama has done quite enough already.  He can stop now.


I guess they've exhausted all their criticisms of Sarah Palin for everything she's ever done. Now they're criticizing her for that which she hasn't done.

What kind of mindset brings an argument like this out?
First in nation, last with Sarah Palin
By Alexander Burns, Politico

If Sarah Palin decides to run for president, she could quickly find that it’s not Arizona, but New Hampshire that poses the bigger threat to her candidacy.

That’s because in all of her travels since the 2008 election – during the midterm campaign and across two expansive book tours – the former Alaska governor has not once set foot in the first-in-the-nation primary state. And residents have noticed.

For all the attention to Palin’s large-scale image problems, ... her seeming disconnect with the Granite State could represent an equally serious hole in any path to the GOP presidential nomination. [link]
So I should hold a grudge because she hasn't been to Bland, Virginia?

For the love of God.  You people need to seek counseling.