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Friday, January 28, 2011

As It Should Be

Let the people decide.

He's not a crook.  He's just a sphincter.  And a Democrat.

And it's Chicago.

Obama Will Destroy The Coalfields

We got rid of Rick Boucher.  And dozens of other radicals like him.  But oviously Obama didn't get the message.  Either that or he's on a suicide mission and doesn't care what happens to his party.


Our work is just begun:
Cap and Trade Returns From the Grave
By Kimberley Strassel, Wall Street Journal

Cap and trade is dead. Long live cap and trade.

The president presented his new, conciliatory face to the nation this week, and his State of the Union was as notable for what it didn't include as what it did. He uttered not one word about global warming, a comprehensive climate bill, or his regulatory attempts to reduce carbon. Combined with his decision to give the axe to controversial climate czar Carol Browner, political analysts took all this as further proof that Barack Obama was moving to the middle, making nice with Republicans.

Snort. Guffaw. Chortle.

Listen carefully to Mr. Obama's speech and you realize he spent plenty of it on carbon controls. He just used a different vocabulary. If the president can't get carbon restrictions via cap and trade, he'll get them instead with his new proposal for a "clean energy" standard. Clean energy, after all, sounds better to the public ear, and he might just be able to lure, or snooker, some Republicans into going along.

The official end of cap and trade, and Mrs. Browner, wasn't conciliation—it was necessity. The public now understands that cap and trade is an economy killer, and no small number of Democrats lost their seats in midterms for supporting it. Few in the party want to take it up again, and House Republicans won't let it pass. Mr. Obama would be crazy to continue calling for it.

Mrs. Browner, for her part, had become a political liability. As czar, she's had sweeping control over administration policy—all of it unaccountable. This worked under a Democratic Congress, but House Republicans had made clear they intended to call her to testify. This had the makings of an ugly fight over executive privilege and would have forced the White House to defend a lack of transparency. Better to let the lightning rod go.

But Mr. Obama has no intention of letting go of his carbon-free world. He instead went to plan B. Specifically, he called in his speech for the nation to "join" him in a "new goal: by 2035, 80% of America's electricity will come from clean energy sources." What the president was in essence calling for—in happier, fuzzier, broader language—is what policy wonks refer to as a "renewable portfolio standard." This is a government mandate requiring that utilities produce annually a specific amount of their electricity from renewable sources—wind, solar, biofuels.

It's also cap and trade by another name. [link]
Those of us who have been following this saga closely also have come to know it by another name - bullshit.

This whole "clean energy" initiative has proven to be a miserable - and costly - failure.  From wind to solar to ethanol.  America has come to grips with that fact.

Maybe someday it will dawn on our president.

It Figures


Hypocrisy on Display: NY Times Defends, Runs Photo of Ants-on-Crucifix Art; Proudly Refused to Run Muhammad Cartoons


One Big Happy Family

Another example - one of many - of the ... cozy ... relationship that exists between the mainstream press and Big Government:
Claire Shipman's Husband Named New Obama Press Secretary; Conflict of Interest for ABC?
By Scott Whitlock, NewsBusters

The White House on Thursday named Jay Carney, the husband of ABC News reporter Claire Shipman, to be the new White House Press secretary. Carney is also an ex-journalist, formally of Time magazine.

Will this appointment prove to be a conflict of interest for Shipman? Will she continue to report on the Obama administration? Shipman whose title is senior national correspondent, often covers political stories and has a reputation as an activist liberal. In 2008, she hailed Barack Obama, the now-boss of her husband, as "brave" for a speech disassociating himself with radical preacher Jeremiah Wright. In 2007, she fawned over Obama's "fluid poetry."

In 2000, she lauded Al Gore as a "pretty conservative Democrat." In 2004, discussing former Communist leader Mikhail Gorbachev, she ltouted him as "generally regarded" for being "the man who broke down the ‘Iron Curtain.'" [link]
Don't be surprised if we see the little woman interviewing the hubby with mutual admiration devoted to the man who pays half the family paycheck.

And if we're really lucky, we'll get to see the interview conducted in bed!

A metaphor if there ever was one.

Just file this away in the memory banks for the next time someone says something about the press being unbiased..