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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Oh, How Times Have Changed

The most unwaveringly leftist columnist in America, Frank Rich, who was gleeful not long ago when Barack Obama and his ilk in Congress were rolling over the Republicans in Washington, is big on compromise now that his kind have been sent, en masse, into retirement by We the People.

This is too much: "The Tea Party Wags the Dog."

A laugh line:

"Having sold itself in 2010 as the uncompromising champion of Tea Party-fueled fiscal austerity, the enhanced G.O.P. caucus arrived in Washington in 2011 to discover that most Americans prefer compromise to confrontation and favor..."

Frank Rich cares about what most Americans think.  Stop the presses.

Most Americans disfavored ObamaCare too.  But Rich didn't care about them then.  Oh, no.

But now he does.

What's changed, I wonder.

Time To Decide

The Big Question(s):

Why am I going and what the heck am I supposed to do when I get up there?

The space shuttle program. A mission without ... a mission.

* In truth, the article has to do with a manufactured dilemma relating to whether this government employee should do what we're paying him to do or continue to collect a paycheck but sit at home waiting for his wife to return from the hospital.  I see a prime-time Oprah special in the offing.

Moving Beyond Race

Historians a hundred years from now will puzzle over the fact that Barack Obama refers (referred) to himself as being "black" when, in fact, he's as white as he is African-American.  A strange contortion indicative of our mixed-up time.

But those same historians will mark this time as the end of an era.  A time when we were all categorized by our skin color.


Because it's getting harder and harder to tell who's what.

This is great:
Black? White? Asian? More Young Americans Choose All of the Above
By Susan Saulny, New York Times

Many young adults of mixed backgrounds are rejecting the color lines that have defined Americans for generations in favor of a much more fluid sense of identity.

They are also using the strength in their growing numbers to affirm roots that were once portrayed as tragic or pitiable.

One in seven new marriages is between spouses of different races or ethnicities, according to data from 2008 and 2009 that was analyzed by the Pew Research Center. Multiracial and multiethnic Americans (usually grouped together as “mixed race”) are one of the country’s fastest-growing demographic groups. And experts expect the racial results of the 2010 census, which will start to be released next month, to show the trend continuing or accelerating.

No one knows quite how the growth of the multiracial population will change the country. [link]
Actually I do know.  It will spell the end of the lucrative careers of the likes of Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan, both of whom trade on race and bigotry.

And we'll get beyond this now-silly notion that we humans are somehow different from one another because our skin tones have variation.

It's a bizarre world we live in.  But we make it a little saner as each day goes by.

Here's to miscegenation!

Gone. But Not Forgotten.

We have long memories.  And every intention of keeping fresh in our minds the names of those who came near to socializing the world with their sinister push for global warming wealth redistribution.*

They'll hope the fiasco of their purposeful creation disappears.  It won't.  Leading the pack?

Barack Obama:
Browner Resignation, Obama Omission Could Spell the End of Global Warming Policy, Say Climate Change Analysts
By Matt Cover, CNS News

(CNSNews.com) – The abrupt resignation of Carol Browner, President Barack Obama’s global warming czar, and the omission by Obama of global warming from his State of the Union speech on Tuesday could mean that the White House has given up on global warming, according to climate change analysts.

Browner, who announced her resignation Tuesday, led the White House effort to enact global warming legislation and policy. A former director of the Environmental Protection Agency during the Clinton administration, Browner was well regarded in the environmentalist community and served officially as director of the White House Office of Energy and Climate Change Policy.

In his State of the Union address on Tuesday, Obama left out any reference to global warming or the more ambiguously named climate change, seemingly abandoning what had been one of the most prominent policy areas of the past two years.

Browner’s signature legislative goal – cap and trade legislation – failed in Congress last year when it was not brought up for a vote in the Senate after narrowly passing in the House.

“The new political expediency is skepticism,” he said. “Man-made global warming is the new butt of jokes in Washington.” [link]
All joking aside, these people nearly succeeded at destroying our way of life.  Browner, Obama, and their ilk deserve to have their own chapter in the Book of Infamy.  Let's put them there.  And keep them there.

Never forget the lesson learned here.

* "Global warming wealth redistribution."  Someone will read that a hundred years from now and say, "Huh?"

Where Egypt Is Headed

The truth is ...

... nobody knows.

Even the CIA, which is supposed to have a clue, seems to not have a clue.



Climategate, Chapter 2

The world's scientists really aren't making their profession any more trustworthy. The latest:

The power that the environmental movement has over climate "scientists" is disclosed to the world.

And it ain't pretty.