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Friday, February 04, 2011

A Blast From The Past

A Washington Post headline from the Bush "cowboy" "go-it-alone" years?

Nope.  It's in today's paper:





It May Get Even Worse ...

Hold on to your hat:
At Calculated Risk, Tom Lawler, a real estate economist and former risk policy veep at Fannie Mae, tries to figure out how many people have actually lost their homes to foreclosure, short sales or deed-in-lieu desertions. The answer: Not enough.

Lawler points to 1,445,000 completed foreclosures and short sales at the end of 2010, compared with 4,296,000 mortgages that are past due by 90 days or more.

* From "Coming Soon: A 300-Percent Increase in Foreclosures."


"Pour les vaincre, il nous faut de l'audace, encore de l'audace, et toujours de l'audace et la Patrie sera sauvée!"
-- Danton --
Cuccinelli Seeks Expedited Review Of Virginia Health Care Lawsuit In The Supreme Court
Alexandria News

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli announced today that Virginia will file a petition to ask the United States Supreme Court to take Virginia’s health care lawsuit now, as opposed to waiting for the case to first be decided by the court of appeals. The Petition for Certiorari Before Judgment in the United States Supreme Court in the case of Commonwealth v. Sebelius will be filed pursuant to Rule 11 of the Rules of the United States Supreme Court.

“Given the uncertainty caused by the divergent rulings of the various district courts on the constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, we feel that it is necessary to seek resolution of this issue as quickly as possible,” said Cuccinelli.

“Currently, state governments and private businesses are being forced to expend enormous amounts of resources to prepare to implement a law that, in the end, may be declared unconstitutional. Regardless of whether you believe the law is constitutional or not, we should all agree that a prompt resolution of this issue is in everyone’s best interest,” he said. [link]
"There is no one magic move or secret that creates victory, but lots of little items that when added together can make you victorious."
-- Pat Toomey --

Worth Watching

If you're not an "American Idol" fan then you don't know the name Crystal Bowersox.  She's a young singer with a voice that one would swear was Janis Joplin's.  She came in second last year to the eventual winner whose name I've already forgotten.

What sets Bowersox apart from her competitors is the fact that this gal has talent.

And what makes for a smart move on her part is the decision to steer clear of Joplin rock and move into country, where the opportunity is.

See what you think.  Here's Crystal Bowersox doing "Farmer's Daughter":

Me? I think it's fabulous.

Now, if she'd just get rid of that horrid diamond stud in her lower lip ...

Suppose You'll Read This In The Papers?

I go through the (new media) news this morning and read about ...

... the Obama administration being in contempt of court ...

... and the Obama administration being in contempt of court ...

... and I wonder why I didn't learn of either story in the establishment press.

Hmmmm.  Suppose they don't want us to know?