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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

There'll Be No Filming Behind Those Closed Doors

The Roanoke Times editorial team is (justifiably) outraged over the tactics used by a group calling itself "Live Action" in its effort to prove - via hidden video - that the Planned Parenthood clinic in Roanoke caters to minors.

See "Scam video."

Fair enough.

I wonder, though, would that same bunch be willing to have their (legitimate) Times photographer and/or cameraman go to that same clinic and film its operations in all its gory detail?

My guess is they'd be duly outraged by that thought as well.

They don't want to know what goes on behind those four walls.

I don't blame them.

Kinda dampens the sense of outrage, doesn't it?

A Wake-Up Call

I encourage all Democrats to continue to fight for Obamacare.  That "big tent" you guys talk so much about?

Keep it up and it's soon to be a pup tent:
Conservative Democrats switch to GOP across the Deep South
By Richard Fausset, Los Angeles Times

For Democrats, Ashley Bell was the kind of comer that a party builds a future on: A young African American lawyer, he served as president of the College Democrats of America, advised presidential candidate John Edwards and spoke at the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston.

But after his party's midterm beat-down in November, Bell, a commissioner in northern Georgia's Hall County, jumped ship. He joined the Republicans.

Bell, 30, said he had serious issues with the healthcare law and believed that conservative "blue dog" Democrats in Congress who shared his values had been bullied into voting for it.

Bell's defection is one of dozens by state and local Democratic officials in the Deep South in recent months that underscore Republicans' continued consolidation of power in the region — a process that started with presidential politics but increasingly affects government down to the level of dogcatcher.

"I think the midterms showed you really can't be a conservative and be a member of the Democratic Party," Bell said. [link]
Did I say "big tent"?  I meant "northeast liberal tent."  A very small - and shrinking - northeast liberal tent.

Maybe You Give Us Our Money BACK Instead

I made mention yesterday of Chrysler's rather bizarre Super Bowl ad that featured rapper Eminem touting the fact that Detroit is on its way back with the introduction of a car (the Chrysler 200) that isn't conceptualized, designed, funded, or manufactured in Detroit.

Odd, yes?

Well, it gets odder:
Chrysler releases $9m Super Bowl ad while requesting more taxpayer dollars
By J.P. Freire, Washington Examiner

You may have noticed that Chrysler released the longest ad in Super Bowl history on Sunday night, featuring the new Chrysler 200 driven by Detroit native rap star Eminem, an ad that CEO Sergio Marchionne says cost less than $9 million. But given that the company's CEO also announced this past week that is seeking a "better deal" on government loans, it is likely that this ad had more to do with getting political support than selling cars. Besides, is spending millions on a Super Bowl ad appropriate for a company that received a taxpayer bailout to recover from a bankruptcy? [link]
Good grief.

Lost in this story is the fact that Chrysler vehicles are said by some to be the most unreliable coming off the assembly line today.

Remember this (Ford) slogan from years ago?

Quality is Job 1

It worked.

At Chrysler today?

We Need More Taxpayer Money So We Can Keep Building Shitty Cars

May God have mercy.

'Green' Jobs? Just Give Them a Welfare Check.

How many times these days have we read about some "green energy" company receiving mountains of taxpayer cash from the government, only to have the company, once it's burned through the "green," go belly up?

Add this one to the pile:
Green-energy plant sucks up subsidies, then goes bust
By Timothy P. Carney, Washington Examiner

To turn wood chips into ethanol fuel, George W. Bush's Department of Energy in February 2007 announced a $76 million grant to Range Fuels for a cutting-edge refinery. A few months later, the refinery opened in the piney woods of Treutlen County, Ga., as the taxpayers of Georgia piled on another $6 million. In 2008, the ethanol plant was the first beneficiary of the Biorefinery Assistance Program, pocketing a loan for $80 million guaranteed by the U.S. taxpayers.

Last month, the refinery closed down, having failed to squeeze even a drop of ethanol out of its pine chips.

The Soperton, Ga., ethanol plant is another blemish on ethanol's already tarnished image, but more broadly, it is cautionary tale about the elusive nature of "green jobs" and the folly of the government's efforts at "investing" -- as President Obama puts it -- in new technologies.

Just as Enron sucked up subsidies before collapsing, the wood-to-ethanol project in Georgia is yet another dog in Uncle Sam's "investment" portfolio. [link]
Note the fact that this embarrassment was launched under the Bush administration.  Note too that it is Bush's successor who has raised the stakes and has staked America's future growth on such pie-in-the-sky idiocy.

Water into wine.  Straw into gold.  Wood into ethanol.  Green energy into a viable source of power.

Welcome to Fairyland USA.

If Only He Knew Something About Business

Obama yesterday, talking about jobs:
If we're fighting to reform the tax code and increase exports, the benefits cannot just translate into greater profits and bonuses for those at the top. They have to be shared by American workers, who need to know that opening markets will lift their standard of living as well as your bottom line.
I'm guessing Obama meant to say that corporate profits had to be shared with American workers, not by. But to his point - they are shared.

They're called paychecks, sir. You may have heard of them back in your college days.

'It Depends On the Meaning of the Word Once'

How else to explain Obama's latest bold-faced lie? When I heard him make this declaration my immediate response was to shout at the TV: "What are you saying? One of the first bills you signed into law was a tax increase!"

Obama on Sunday:

"I didn't raise taxes once. I lowered taxes over the last two years."

Perhaps he forgot the punitive tax he raised on the poorest among us.

Beyond that, according to today's Wall Street Journal, perhaps he forgot a slew of others as well. From "'I Didn't Raise Taxes Once'":
Bill O'Reilly's Fox interview with President Obama on Sunday was fascinating, and not merely because Mr. Obama made clear he's an ardent fan of these pages. What really caught our attention was the President's claim that "I didn't raise taxes once. I lowered taxes over the last two years."

The Presidency is demanding, and with the Egypt mess and his other duties, perhaps Mr. Obama has forgotten some of his tax achievements. Allow us to refresh his memory. In his historic health-care bill, for example, there is the new $27 billion "fee" on drug companies that is already in effect. Next year, device manufacturers will get hit to the tune of $20 billion, and heath insurers will pay $60 billion starting in 2014—all of which are de facto tax increases because these collections will be passed on to consumers as higher costs. Of course, these are merely tax increases on business.

As for tax increases on individuals, perhaps he forgot the health-care bill's new 0.9 percentage point increase in the Medicare payroll tax for families making over $250,000 and singles over $200,000. That tax increase takes effect in 2013, as will the application of what will be a 3.8% Medicare surtax (up from 2.9% today) to "unearned income" for the first time. This is a tax hike on investment and interest income, which will reduce the incentive to save and invest.

Mr. Obama also told Mr. O'Reilly that he hasn't moved to the "center" since November's Democratic election defeat, saying "I'm the same guy." Save for a couple of tactical retreats that he couldn't avoid, we agree with him.
"I didn't raise taxes once." "I didn't have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky." It must be something in their genes.

Why These People Can't Be Trusted

What?  5th District Congressman Robert Hurt wants to slash education funding?

That's what the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has charged.

But is it true?

Not even close.

From Politifact Virginia:
The DCCC says Rep. Robert Hurt supports a 40 percent cut in education spending

Fifth district Republican Robert Hurt has been in Congress only a month, but Democrats are already trying to ensure he leaves after just two years.

The DCCC has launched radio ads against Hurt and 24 other Republican representatives around the nation, part of a "Drive to 25" aimed at putting House Democrats back into the majority.

The ads are similar for each of the 25 districts. The Virginia one says: "Did you know Congressman Robert Hurt has a plan to cut education and research by 40 percent that will cost hundreds-of-thousands of jobs and make America less competitive? Tell Hurt to choose jobs."

Forty percent sounded like quite a cut in education spending. In the spirit of learning, we set out to check the math.

The DCCC said Robert Hurt supports a 40 percent "cut in education," based on proposals by the Republican Study Committee. While there is no question Hurt and the group want to quickly implement serious spending reductions, the 40 percent figure actually refers to a reduction of hypothetical spending in 2021 to 2006 levels, not an immediate 40 percent cut.

Furthermore, only eight percent of Virginia’s public education funds come from Washington. So even if all federal money suddenly vanished, the state would not see anywhere near a 40 percent reduction in education spending as the DCCC claims.

The radio attack ad ridiculously overstates the possible impacts of federal spending cuts on Virginia’s education budget.

Because of this major exaggeration we rate the claim Pants on Fire.
Democrats exaggerating.  There's a new one.

Lesson learned.