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Friday, February 11, 2011

Well, They Supported The Dud ...

... so the editorialists at the Roanoke Times had to come up with something good to say about James Webb's tenure in office.

Here, folks, is it.  From "A One-Term Senator":
[James] Webb did accomplish much in his short time in the Senate. The expanded G.I. Bill makes it easier for soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan to afford a college education.

He started an important discussion about reforming America's criminal justice system -- work we hope will continue even after Webb leaves the Senate. America incarcerates far too many ... [blah blah blah]
He sponsored a minor change to the sweeping Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944 and he "started an important conversation" that few in America give two squirts about.

He sure did accomplish ... much?

Odd there's no mention of his important votes while he was in the Senate. Like when he voted YES on Obamacare. And when he voted NO on prohibiting minors crossing state lines for abortion. And when he voted YES on Obama's "stimulus" package. And when he voted YES on that moronic "Cash for Clunkers" program. And when he voted YES on creating a Democratic House seat in the city of Washington D.C. And when he voted NO on requiring that people prove who they are with I.D. before they vote in federal elections. And when he voted (over and over again) YES to extending unemployment payments (in perpetuity).  And when he voted YES on raising the minimum wage. And when he endorsed George Allen in 2000. (oops, never mind) and when he voted YES on that unqualified candidate for the Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor.  And then there were all those budgets ...

Come to think of it, James Webb did accomplish much.

Man, are we glad he's leaving. Any more "accomplishments" and we'd surely all be in trouble.

Another Good Reason To Kill Obamacare

For the love of God:

I know that unemployment numbers don't seem to be important to the mainstream press since George W. Bush left office, but ...

... for the love of God.

The Most Ridiculous Comment of the Day

This is beyond ignorant:

From New York Times halfwit Paul Krugman, "Abraham Lincoln, Inflationist":
There was a time when Republicans used to refer to themselves, proudly, as “the party of Lincoln.” But you don’t hear that line much these days. Why?

The main answer, presumably, lies in the G.O.P.’s decision, long ago, to seek votes from Southerners angered by the end of legal segregation. With the old Confederacy now the heart of the Republican base, boasting about the party’s Civil War-era legacy is no longer advisable.

It can be just as easily "presumed" that this guy hasn't the first clue as to what motivates America's 60 million Republicans to be Republicans.

The end of legal segregation?

The old Confederacy?

Civil War legacy?

Is he daft?

No need to answer.  It's obvious ...

I Know Where We Can Cut the Budget

Maybe we should consider eliminating the federal agency that is responsible for keeping our World Trade Center Twin Towers safe from a terrorist attack.

That agency?

Please proceed, in a calm and orderly fashion, to the nearest bomb shelter.

Otherwise, you're screwed.

Prepare For the Onslaught

"This war is being waged with guns purchased not here, but in the United States. More than 90 percent of the guns recovered in Mexico come from the United States, many from gun shops that line our shared border."
-- Barack Obama in Mexico, April, 2009 ---

Expect lies like that to spearhead Obama's effort to infringe upon our right to keep and bear arms.

What effort?

Obama to push gun-control measures
By Julie Mason, Washington Examiner

Though he omitted any reference to gun control in his State of the Union address, three of Obama's key advisers assured reporters the issue is on the president's to-do list.

"He's going to address this," senior adviser David Plouffe told NBC News. "It's a very important issue and I know there's going to be a lot of debate on the hill." [link]
Prepare for the impending assault.

Arm yourself.

With knowledge.

Starting with Obama's bald-faced lie above:
Mexico's Gun Supply and the 90 Percent Myth
By Scott Stewart, Stratfor Global Intelligence

According to the Mexican government, ... the cartel wars are due to the insatiable American appetite for narcotics and the endless stream of guns that flows from the United States into Mexico and that results in Mexican violence.

Interestingly, the part of this argument pertaining to guns has been adopted by many politicians and government officials in the United States in recent years. It has now become quite common to hear U.S. officials confidently assert that 90 percent of the weapons used by the Mexican drug cartels come from the United States. However, a close examination of the dynamics of the cartel wars in Mexico — and of how the oft-echoed 90 percent number was reached — clearly demonstrates that the number is more political rhetoric than empirical fact.

As we discussed in a previous analysis, the 90 percent number was derived from a June 2009 U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) report to Congress on U.S. efforts to combat arms trafficking to Mexico.

According to the GAO report, some 30,000 firearms were seized from criminals by Mexican authorities in 2008. Of these 30,000 firearms, information pertaining to 7,200 of them (24 percent) was submitted to the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) for tracing. Of these 7,200 guns, only about 4,000 could be traced by the ATF, and of these 4,000, some 3,480 (87 percent) were shown to have come from the United States.

This means that the 87 percent figure relates to the number of weapons submitted by the Mexican government to the ATF that could be successfully traced and not from the total number of weapons seized by Mexican authorities or even from the total number of weapons submitted to the ATF for tracing. In fact, the 3,480 guns positively traced to the United States equals less than 12 percent of the total arms seized in Mexico in 2008 and less than 48 percent of all those submitted by the Mexican government to the ATF for tracing. This means that almost 90 percent of the guns seized in Mexico in 2008 were not traced back to the United States. [link]
I love empirical data.  No gray area.  No obfuscation.  No nuance.

Obama says "more than 90 percent of the guns recovered in Mexico come from the United States."  Empirical analysis proves that, in truth, almost 90 percent of them aren't traced back here.

Next time our president tosses that lie out, call him on it. 

Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.
-- Thomas Jefferson --

Want To Shut Down The Coal Industry?

Prepare, then, to shut down America.

The future is now.   And it should scare the crap out of you:
No Coal, No Power, No Gas
By Jeffrey Folks, American Thinker

During the early February cold spell in the southern plains, when wind chills in Dallas dipped to minus twenty degrees, Texans were going without power to heat their homes and businesses even as the state was sitting on massive surpluses of natural gas. Even hospitals were having to switch to emergency generating systems. And this in the state with the largest energy production capacity in the continental US.

How was it that Texas suffered an extended period of rolling blackouts at a time when there's a glut of coal and natural gas waiting to be used?

The answer may be quite simple. It seems that a great deal of natural gas got "stuck in the pipes" because there was not enough electricity to operate the pumps to move it along. And there was not enough electricity to operate the pumps because environmentalists had seen to it that plans for new coal-powered generating plants had been shuttered back in 2007. So without the coal, there was no electricity, and without the electricity, there was no natural gas. And since much of the natural gas was intended to supply electrical power generating plants, there was even less electricity to supply the pumps and everything else. [link]
One thing leads to another and, before you know it, hospitals go critical and people are freezing to death.  Because the environmentalists want to protect the environment from some non-existent problem.

They're dangerous.  In their abject stupidity, they are willing to sacrifice the human race in order to save ... trees and shrubs.

They must be stopped.  Because the alternative will bring - is bringing - certain ruination.

Quote of the Day

From Stanford professor Michael J. Boskin:
The old bromide that citizens elect presidents for protection from other people's congressmen was reversed last November when a Congress was elected for protection from the president. This week House Republicans have been debating how to cut the ballooning budget. After ramming through an expansion of federal spending to levels not approached since World War II, President Obama is now calling for still more spending, with a renewed emphasis on infrastructure, that he claims will create jobs and economic growth.

Let's put this in perspective: With the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) now projecting a federal budget deficit this year of $1.5 trillion, Mr. Obama is on course to add as much debt in one term as all 43 previous presidents combined.
"The Time for Spending Cuts Is Now," Wall Street Journal, February 11, 2011