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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Not An Auspicious Showing

You know that jet engine that the Pentagon says it doesn't want but that a lot of congresspersons intend to spend $3 billion on (in coming years) anyway?  The one that, as it stands right now, won't have a plane for its use because a different jet engine is being built for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter?

Oh, and you know that multi-trillion dollar debt we have?

Well, it appears there are some members of Congress who got the message.

See "House Votes to End Alternate Jet Engine Program."


Sorry to say, though, among those who proved to be less than sane and voted to keep funding the military project that serves the military no purpose?

May God have mercy.

Why Not?

Reporting the news didn't work.  So:

And both of its viewers appreciate the transition.

From Reverend Wright To You

Contrary to what you were told in the past about Barack Obama sitting in the pews every Sunday for twenty years in the Trinity United Methodist Church in Chicago but not hearing a word now-renowned anti-Semite Reverend Jeremiah Wright spewed, it's clear that the preacher's words had their desired effect:

Barack "Jeremiah" Obama to the world: It's not all those millions of Islamist extremists in the Middle East who vow to destroy the western world who are the problem. It's those damn Jews.

For the love of God.  Why doesn't Obama rebuke this kind of behavior?

No. It's those damn Jews who plague the earth.  Right, Barry?

Rules We Should All Live By

I bring this to you because it's the kind of profound wisdom that is sorely lacking in our national dialogue these days.  It comes from George Allen:
Egypt and 4 pillars of a just society

The world has been captivated by Egypt, watching with concern, anticipation and hope as the Egyptian people took their frustrations and aspirations to the streets. After decades of economic and social restraints, the Egyptian people have awakened to rally for their right to freedom and opportunity to lead better lives.

It is paramount that United States and its allies support a peaceful transition to a free and just society, governed by the consent of the people.

Egypt’s new constitution should be built upon the solid foundation of what I call the four pillars of a free and just society. When I served as a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, I saw that these principles are at the heart of every successful free society.

The first pillar is freedom of religion, guaranteeing freedom of personal beliefs and conscience. No person’s rights or opportunities should be enhanced nor diminished due to their religious persuasion. People should be able to worship as they choose, since a state enforcing or denying religion is tyranny.

The second pillar is freedom of expression for men and women. The people of Egypt must be able to express themselves without fear of retribution from a new or future government. For there to be a stable Egypt, on par with other advanced nations, the new government must respect its citizens’ inalienable rights and never forget that it derives its just powers from the consent of the governed.

The third pillar is private ownership of property. Egyptians must be able to own private property to pursue and achieve their dreams of prosperity because only then can true economic freedom and success be found. When government controls most lands or businesses, it stifles innovation, initiative, competition in a free marketplace and improved lives.

The fourth pillar is the rule of law, where our God-given rights are protected and there is fair adjudication of disputes and justice. Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians have protested and rallied for a new government. That these gatherings have been largely peaceful and nonviolent should underscore the need for a just government that enforces reasonable laws. [link]
Freedom of speech.  Freedom of Religion.  Freedom to own property.  Freedom to have a government restrained by the rule of law. 

Hear, hear.

* Can you imagine Barack Obama writing something like this?  Instead, we get "Hey, what does CNN say is happening in Egypt today?"

I Love This

Someone in the Republican Party of Virginia is as snarky as me.  What's not to love?

In response to the news that the national Democratic Party is desperately trying to find someone to run against George Allen next year and has approached Tim Kaine - again - this clip was released yesterday by the VaGOP.

"Welcome Back, Timmy."

Great stuff.

One To Be Proud Of

You folks in Pennington Gap should get particular pleasure out of this news.  She's one of your'n:
VA's First Female Chief Justice Sworn In
By Sam Brock, WTVR

Cynthia Kinser made history Wednesday afternoon when the Lee County native became the first female to ever be sworn-in as chief justice of the Virginia Supreme Court.

"There's no higher honor than being given this distinction," Kinser told a packed room at the Supreme Court building.

Governor Bob McDonnell, former Governor George Allen- who appointed Kinser to the Supreme Court- and many legislative and judicial leaders also attended the ceremony.

Justice Donald Lemons performed the oath around 2:30 p.m., officially establishing Kinser as the 25th chief justice on Virginia's Supreme Court, and the first woman to hold the position.

One of Kinsler's colleagues noted that the achievement is "proof that a successful career can begin in a small office, in a small county." [link]
Make us proud, Madame Justice