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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Lesson To Be Learned

Be wary of people who smile, hold their hand out, and speak of good intentions.

See "State agency finds phony charity collected $2 million in Va."

Another (alleged) scam.

Do what I do.  Stick to the tried and true.

The Boy Scouts (and Girl Scouts).

The Red Cross.

The Salvation Army.

Know your money is being well-spent.

* I once included the United Way on my list.  Until its leaders in certain locales decided to discriminate against the Boy Scouts (!).  Now they can pound salt.

** My list does not include the myriad animal charities that the little woman donates to - in part because she keeps it a secret.  The magnitude would probably freak me out anyway.  Ignorance is bliss ...

Socialism In Its Purest Form

Obama, take note:

Ay, yes. Another workers' paradise.

Let's have that conversation about Wisconsin, shall we?

Uh Oh. Time To Rethink My Position.

One of the looniest leftists in America, Richard Cohen, lambasts America's unions this morning for being greedy and shortsighted?  See "Government pensions, an obesity epidemic."

Richard Cohen agrees with the American taxpayer.  I'm still here on Planet Earth, right?

Why is the room spinning?

Bush Appears Impotent & Weak In Libyan Saga

I thought I'd write the headline that the Washington Post really wanted to write this morning.  Alas, G.W. Bush is gone.  And the man who is going to - someday - change the world - that would be the Post's Big Daddy - is in charge.

So innocuous is the order of the day:

Ah, yes, we're back to "U.S."


Odd how that works when a Democrat - especially the one who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for God's sake - is in power.

The Washington Post, November 3, 2009:

"It's been a year since a healthy majority of American voters elected Barack Obama to change the world. Which is precisely what he's doing."

It's been three since a healthy majority of American voters elected Barack Obama to change the world. Now they just hope he'll soon change his address.

Remember When Democrats Roamed The Earth?

Lying to We the People and jamming unwanted, unwise, and unwarranted legislation down our throats will have this effect:
Number of Solidly Democratic States Cut in Half From '08 to '10
By Jeffrey M. Jones, Gallup

Princeton, NJ -- Gallup's analysis of party affiliation in the U.S. states shows a marked decline in the number of solidly Democratic states from 2008 (30) to 2010 (14). The number of politically competitive states increased over the same period, from 10 to 18, with more limited growth in the number of leaning or solidly Republican states.

Looking more closely at the changes in state party affiliation since 2008, only one state moved from a Democratic positioning to a Republican positioning -- New Hampshire, which was solidly Democratic in 2008 but now is considered leaning Republican. Alabama, Kansas, Montana, and South Dakota moved from a competitive designation to solidly or leaning Republican status. A total of 12 states -- Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Maine, Missouri, Nevada, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wisconsin -- shifted from solidly or leaning Democratic to competitive. No states have moved in a more Democratic direction since 2008. [link]
Well, it looks like Obama did bring "hope and change" to America.  That positive change that we'd all hoped for is materializing.

Hats off toy you, Barry.

* Click on the chart to enlarge it.
** Chart courtesy of Gallup.

What's Up With New Zealand?

We're only into February and already this year it's been hit with a powerfully destructive cyclone that brought with it massive, widespread flooding, and now this:

Powerful earthquake hits New Zealand near Christchurch

You may not be aware of it but a good deal of the "Lord of the Rings" film trilogy was shot in New Zealand.

The way things are going there, Mordor, the devastation-enshrouded kingdom of Sauron, may become a reality.

Good grief.

How About That?

Too funny.