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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Call Him Pothole Pete

Er ... make that Pothole Bob:
Governor McDonnell Announces the 2011 Pothole Blitz''

Richmond - Governor Bob McDonnell today directed the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) to immediately start a coordinated campaign to patch the thousands of potholes that formed this winter across the Commonwealth. VDOT will use state and contractor resources to quickly identify and repair potholes on Virginia's highway system. Citizens are encouraged to assist this effort and report potholes to VDOT's Customer Service Center at 1-800-FOR-ROAD.

"Potholes aren't just bumps in the road, they are serious roadway hazards," said Governor McDonnell. "VDOT will address this problem as quickly as possible. We ask the citizens of the Commonwealth to help identify the location of these hazards so they can be quickly repaired. As pothole reports are received, VDOT crews will be dispatched to make repairs." McDonnell continued, "The goal is to improve everyone's safety and comfort as they travel the highways of Virginia."

VDOT and its interstate maintenance contractors are responsible for patching potholes on the 58,000 miles of state-maintained roadways in the Commonwealth. During the 2010 Pothole Blitz, more than 161,000 potholes were repaired.
Got your least favorite pothole? One that's grown so large over time that it has been given a name? Call VDOT's Customer Service Center at 1-800-FOR-ROAD (1-800-367-7623), report the little monster, and kiss it goodbye.

* Received via email.

Jim Moran Is Such a Weirdo

This is humorous.  And, at the same time, revealing.  Congressman James Moran (Democrat, VA-8) thinks the House cafeteria might be poisoning him.  Because it is providing him with a styrofoam cup for his coffee at breakfast.

Can you say loon?
Dems: Congress's Styrofoam cups could cause cancer
By Jordan Fabian, The Hill

A group of Democrats complain Styrofoam cups in the House cafeteria could contain carcinogens.

In a letter to Speaker John Boehner (Ohio) and other Republican leaders, the nine Democrats say the Styrofoam cups and other dining materials could hold chemical components that could cause cancer. The Democrats are upset with the switch to Styrofoam from recyclable materials put into place when Democrats ran the House.

The letter asks Boehner to reconsider the switch away from recyclable to polystyrene-based foam containers, and warns that the health of visitors to the Capitol could be compromised.

"The irresponsibility of the decision to use polystyrene foam without considering other options is all the more egregious because the cafeteria is not merely used by House members and our staffers," the lawmakers write. "The health of constituents and visitors to the Hill who eat in the cafeteria will be impacted by this short-sighted decision."

The "Dear Colleague" notice soliciting signatures from other lawmakers, which was circulated by Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.), is titled "Cancer Causing Cups in the Cafeteria?"

The other lawmakers who signed the letter are Reps. James Moran (D-Va.), George Miller (D-Calif.), Mike Honda (D-Calif.), Lloyd Doggett (D-Texas), Susan Davis (D-Calif.), Zoe Lofgren (Calif.), Mike Capuano (Mass.) and Chellie Pingree (D-Maine). [link]
That list has all the makings of an insane asylum roster.

Styrofoam cups are killing Democrats.

For the love of God.

Let's Hold Their Feet To The Fire

I received this email and have permission to reprint it here.  It has to do with Obamacare.  And with what we need to do about it:
Dear Tea Party Leaders,

Attached are three documents. One is my fax cover page to Congressman Morgan Griffith in which I point out to him Item Number 3 of his pledge with his Tea Party constituents in SW VA who diligently worked to put him in office in return for his promise to Defund Obamacare. In this letter I explain that we are trusting that this commitment is intact. I spoke with his office yesterday. Mary, his aide, was hearing for the first time yesterday morning that Obamacare is already funded for the first 8 years, unless Congress acts now. I hope when I speak to his office again that they know more about what type of action they intend to take.

The second is the report from the Heritage Foundation about what must happen in order to defund; just as Michelle Bachmann says, this hideous bill must be stripped of its power item by item, line by line, with all the necessary language in order to do so.

Our Tea Party pledge is also attached, which each of the main recipients of this email have signed along with Griffith. (This message is also copied to others who I am hoping will take part in this effort.)

I am faxing all three of these items to Griffith today, and will follow up with a phone call to make sure they got it. I hope that you will all do the same.

Along with the total disgust that we shared for Rick Boucher, the one thing we knew beyond a doubt that drove us to work as hard as we did to replace him was the knowledge that our country cannot continue on this path of derelict, unsustainable spending.

Now it is time now to hold their feet to the fire. If we had a Congress with true courage, Obama-Pelosi and Reid would be facing impeachment. Think about it! If this Congress defers to this kind of deceited, corrupt, dictatorial dirty tricks, our efforts have been for nothing.

I hope that each of you, representing almost every part of the 9th District will FAX your own letter along with the pledge and the Heritage Foundation article to Griffith's office. Our friends in the 2nd Tuesday Constitution Group are already on board with this effort. I hope that Richmond, Shenandoah Valley, Roanoke and beyond will do the same with their congressmen.

If, as the 9th District, we can't get ourselves united enough on this issue to press Griffith to uphold his pledge, then our signatures on this document are meaningless.

The next Continuing Resolution is another week to two weeks. The time to draw the line in the sand is NOW.

In liberty,

Cathy Turner

PS....I just talked to Michelle Bachmann's office. She held a meeting on this issue yesterday afternoon that was well-attended by other Representatives. Her office assured me that she is not going to stop pursuing this matter. They asked for our help in relentlessly pressing our representatives to do the same!
I haven't included the attachments, but the pledge can be found here.  A quite modest, easily honored pledge it is.

So far, Morgan Griffith hasn't done anything to rile up his strongest base.  But issues like this will be the test.  Vote to kill Obamacare funding or incur the wrath of the Tea Party!

It's Time To Get Serious About Gov't Spending

It's time we all supported a federal balanced budget amendment.  Before it's too late.  Before Congress spends us into oblivion.

Looks, though, like we'll have to do it without the help of at least one of our elected representatives in Washington.

How aggravating this guy is becoming. As the Republican Party of Virginia is so well-prepared to remind us:
Democrat Mark Warner Talks About Balancing Budget, Votes Against Balanced Budget Amendment

After voting for nearly $1 trillion in 'stimulus' spending, casting the deciding vote for $2 trillion in spending for ObamaCare, Mark Warner has finally realized that the federal government has a serious financial problem.

But it's not enough of a problem for him to support a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Given the opportunity to put his apparent new-found concern for the nation's fiscal state into action, Mark Warner punted.

It's not at all surprising.
It still galls me when I'm reminded of this quote from then candidate-for-governor Mark Warner:

"The fact is I will not raise taxes. You can say it 20 more times, but the people will know the difference."

That was just before the lying bastard raised our taxes.

So Mark Warner says he favors fiscal restraint. And then does everything imaginable to break all the restraints.

Par for the course.  Sadly, it's par for the course.

Obama's Legacy

He will forever be Mr. Obamacare:
Obamacare ranks with Prohibition, 55 mph speed limit
Washington Examiner editorial

When the first OPEC oil shock hit the U.S. in 1973, President Nixon encouraged Americans as a voluntary gas-saving measure to drive 55 mph on the interstate. Not long after, the infamous "double nickel" became mandatory as Congress made states choose between adopting the lower speed limit and losing millions in federal aid. For two decades, most Americans voted with their gas pedals and flagrantly ignored the federal speed limit. It had become the least respected law since Prohibition by the time President Clinton repealed it in December 1995.

Now, as we learn more about Obamacare, the odds are good that it will ultimately rank right down there with Prohibition and the double nickel in public esteem. [link]
The difference, of course, is in the fact that we can't ignore Obamacare like we ignored the 55-mile-per-hour speed limit.  No, in the case of government-mandated health care, we have but one option. 

Kill it.

And tar Obama's reputation for having done it to us.

So The Boys Can Play

Hey, you want to win a brand-new Bushmaster MOE M4 .223? Or a Glock model 19? How about a sweet little Walther P22?

Who wouldn't.  Right?

Well, here's your opportunity.

Buy a $10 raffle ticket.

In doing so, you purchase the chance to win one of those firearms.

And you'll be helping the Roanoke Rampage buy equipment for the new football season.

That stuff isn't cheap.

If you are interested, drop me an email (fromonhigh@embarqmail.com).  I'll have the raffle maven get in touch with you.

Go Rampage!

Uh Oh

I have holdings in three different Pimco funds (though this isn't one of them).  So I speak with authority.  These guys are as smart - and as prescient - as they come.  That's why we should all take note:
Pimco's Biggest Fund Dumps Treasury Bond Holdings
By Reuters with CNBC.com

Pimco's Total Return Fund, the world's biggest bond fund, has dumped all U.S. government-related securities, including U.S. Treasurys and agency debt.

The move was not a surprise given Pimco chief Bill Gross's recent statements that Treasurys are over-valued.

Government-related securities include Treasurys, Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities, agencies, interest rate swaps, Treasury futures and options, and corporate securities guaranteed by the U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.

The Total Return Fund's cash holdings had surged to $54.5 billion as of Feb. 28 from $11.9 billion at the end of January. [link]
So what's gold at this morning?


An ounce.

It looks like the good folks at Pimco ain't alone in seeing bad things coming to America soon if Congress doesn't stop the madness.

We must stop the madness.

I Gotta Get Me One o' These

Not that many years ago, this was a military-issue grenade launcher:

That was then.

This is now:


When's squirrel season?

It's About Time

Since the Democrats in Wisconsin chose to abdicate their positions as legislators and decided, instead, to be fugitives and flee the state, the Republicans there seized the opportunity to govern.  Someone had to do it.

And do it they did:
Wis. GOP bypasses Dems, cuts collective bargaining
By Scott Bauer, Associated Press

Madison, Wis. (AP) — The nearly month-long standoff in the Wisconsin Legislature over explosive union rights legislation rocketed toward a dramatic finish Thursday after Senate Republicans outmaneuvered their missing Democratic counterparts and pushed through the bill.

The dramatic turn of events late Wednesday set up a perfunctory vote Thursday morning in the Assembly on the measure that would strip nearly all collective bargaining rights from most public workers. Once the bill passes the Assembly, it heads to Republican Gov. Scott Walker for his signature. [link]
The unions and the leftist mainstream press are howling.  Let them.  The cozy relationship between the public employee unions and those who decide their income - and who receive piles of cash from them in campaign donations - has to stop.

Wisconsin is in debt.  The entire country is broke.  Things have to change.

Or we're all doomed.

- - -

Michael A. Walsh:
[T]his fight is no longer simply about Walker's attempt to balance Wisconsin's wobbly budget, or even about whether public-employee unions ought to have the right to collective bargaining -- they shouldn't, and in fact they shouldn't even exist, as FDR himself warned.

It's now about whether we are to have an orderly democracy or legislative and executive anarchy, whether elections can be delegitimized and even overturned by the daily plebiscites of the polls, by the flouting of sacred oaths of office and by the trampling on the laws of the state.

It must stop. As President Obama liked to remind the GOP during the first two years of his administration, elections have consequences.

What the Democrats are doing in Wisconsin is more than just a disgrace. It's a danger to our republican form of government, a formula for permanent, no-holds-barred combat long after the polls have closed and the people have spoken.
"Orderly democracy or legislative and executive anarchy."  In a nutshell.


As everyone now knows, NPR is populated by a bunch of left-wing bigots.  What must be said, as well, is the fact that it is made up of racists as well.

This, from Juan Williams, who was fired by NPR last year because he wasn't - in the eyes of NPR executives - the right kind of token negro to be on the roster, is particularly stinging:

Yes, but as any liberal will tell you, they're good white people. They are very tolerant of the views of America's oppressed minorities. As long as they don't get too uppity ...

It's a Little Late, Fellas

Most Americans were scratching their heads when Wisconsin's Senate Democrats fled the state rather than do what taxpayers there had sent them to Madison to do.  Rather than legislate they decided to hole up in a Motel 6 in Illinois and pig out on Big Macs.  For three weeks.  To make some point.  At taxpayer expense.

Well, they made their point.

And now they're all on record as being absent when their Republican colleagues voted to end (a good bit of) the collective bargaining rights of the state's public employee unions.

Showed them, huh?

So, what's the strategy now?

To race back to Madison and demand to be a part of the process!
Wis. Dems say AWOL lawmakers will return
The Associated Press

Senate Democrats fled the state nearly three weeks ago to block a vote on Republican Gov. Scott Walker's plan to strip most public workers of their collective bargaining rights.

But Senate Republicans used a procedural move on Wednesday to pass the proposal without the Democrats present. The floor session lasted just minutes, and the state Assembly is scheduled to take up the measure on Thursday morning. That's the last step before it can go to Walker for his signature.

Senate Democratic leader Mark Miller of Monona says Democrats will "join the people of Wisconsin in taking back their government," but he refused to say when. [link]
The Democrats are going to take back their government.  After having abandoned it for a Denny's Grand Slam breakfast in distant environs.

So what happens when the people of Wisconsin decide not to let them take it back?

So much fast-food.  So much time.