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Sunday, March 13, 2011

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

I find it fascinating, though I couldn't begin to explain it, how liberals in this country react so irrationally when certain topics are brought up in conversation.  A good example has to do with the Tea Party movement, a loose association of like-minded American citizens who want the United States government to play a lesser role in their lives.  How is that movement perceived by the left?  Why, they're all a bunch of racists, don't ya know.


Another glaring example of the irrationality that pervades liberalism has manifested itself just in recent days.  This one speaks volumes about the mindset.  Though I still can't explain it.  The subject?  Congressman Peter King's congressional committee hearings into the potential "radicalization" of certain elements within the American Muslim community.

Is that community becoming more radical?  Beats me.  But is there evidence that at least a few Muslims within that community have become radicalized to the point where they commit acts of terror against us, the collective infidel?  Without doubt.

Couple that with the fact that we still have - all these years later - nearly a thousand human beings unaccounted for in the World Trade Center rubble.  Rubble created in an attack that was - and it goes without dispute - perpetrated by a handful of radicalized Muslims.  Isn't it worth at least asking a few questions about the attitudes that seem, to this day, to be fostering the hatred?  Some Army officer shouting allahu akhbar! as he's killing non-believers around him isn't something we should be wondering about?  Why is not a reasonable question?

To some, the answer is no.  We should not want to know.  We're somehow better off if we hide our heads in the sand and ask no questions.


Try to wrap your brain around the liberalthink:
Guilt by association
Rep. Peter King's hearings investigating the Muslim-American community are shameful and counterproductive.
Roanoke Times editorial

They may be the most shameful hearings held in the U.S. Congress since the McCarthy era.

In the 1950s, Sen. Joseph McCarthy was targeting suspected communists. Today, Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., is going after American Muslims in congressional hearings.

King says many American Muslims are "radicalized." Too many American Muslim leaders, he claims, fail to cooperate with law enforcement and homeland security officials in investigating home-grown terrorism.

Evidence for either accusation is profoundly lacking. [link]*
Got that?  Before Peter King inquires into whether American Muslims are becoming radicalized and to what extent they are not cooperating with law enforcement in this country, he is attacked for wanting to know ... whether American Muslims are becoming radicalized and to what extent they are not cooperating with law enforcement in this country.

To inquire is to commit an unpardonable sin.


So why do I bring this up this morning?
Jewish couple and three children killed in West Bank
By Rami Amichai, Reuters

A Jewish couple and three of their children were stabbed to death in bed in a West Bank settlement in what Israeli officials said Saturday was an attack by one or more Palestinians who broke into their home.

Israeli troops set up roadblocks and were searching the area around the Jewish religious settlement of Itamar, near the Palestinian city of Nablus, for the killer or killers.

In a televised speech, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed shock that the parents and three of their children -- including a baby -- were "brutally murdered on Sabbath eve while sleeping."

No group claimed responsibility for the attack but the Hamas Islamists who rule the Gaza Strip said they offered their "full support" to any actions taken against settlers in occupied territory. [link]
Why do you suppose that Jewish family was slaughtered?

Shut up.  You shouldn't want to know.  You bastard.


- - -

* "King says many American Muslims are 'radicalized.' Too many American Muslim leaders, he claims, fail to cooperate with law enforcement and homeland security officials in investigating home-grown terrorism.  Evidence for either accusation is profoundly lacking."

It's worth noting that from the King hearings we find out that in certain law enforcement circles there does exist the feeling that the level of cooperation investigators are getting from the American Muslim community is lacking, and that there are indeed many American Muslims who seem to have become radicalized.

Had we no hearing, we wouldn't have known.

And the cowards at the Times, blissfully ignorant, would have been pleased.

The Death Toll Rises

I was listening to the radio yesterday and heard some news reader declare that the death toll in the Japanese earthquake/tsunami disaster may reach 1,000.  My reaction?

Try again.

To watch that tidal wave wash houses, cars, factory buildings ... ships ... human beings ... into oblivion was to understand that the number of people who lost their lives in those few brief moments will surely be in the tens of thousands.  With most of those gone never to be found.

We only now get closer to the truth:
Japan quake: Toll may cross 10,000 in Miyagi alone
Times of India

Tokyo: The toll from a magnitude-8.9 earthquake in Japan could exceed 10,000 in the hardest-hit prefecture of Miyagi alone, police said on Sunday, as other officials tried to reassure the public that reactors at two damaged nuclear power plants posed no immediate danger.

"I have no doubt" that the death toll would rise above 10,000 in the prefecture, public broadcaster NHK quoted police chief Takeuchi Naoto as saying.

About 800 deaths had been confirmed so far in Miyagi and other areas in northeastern Japan, which were hit Friday by the quake and a tsunami. No contact could be established with about 10,000 residents of the town of Minamisanriku. [link]
Media focus seems to slowly be shifting toward those nuclear reactors that may or may not be melting down, and about the relative handful of people who have been exposed - to one degree or another - to radiation contaminiation.  An important story, to be sure.  But the bigger story - the far bigger story - is the devastation that has come crashing down on many, many communities in northern Japan.  Whole cities swept away.  Forever.

It's horrifying.

And we haven't even gotten the full scope of it yet ...

May God have mercy.

Judge a Person By The Friends He Keeps

Let it be stipulated: They don't come any more radically left in the journalism world than Mother Jones.*  Knowing that, it can be rather telling when the radicals there take the time to write glowingly about one of their own.  Their own being a former CBS News anchor.  A disgraced CBS News anchor, as it so happens.  One who was fired for (either fabricating stories or being fooled into willingly) airing fabricated stories.  That disgraced anchor?

Dan Rather.
Mother Jones Honors Disgraced Dan Rather, Still Slanting News Like an 18-Year-Old
By Tim Graham, NewsBusters

Just as the insistent MoveOn.org lobbying campaign for PBS tells you something about  just whom PBS is pleasing, disgraced former CBS anchorman Dan Rather being sympathetically profiled for Mother Jones tells you that all Rather's patter about corporations ruining the integrity of the news has a ready audience on the hard left.

Mother Jones insisted "At 79, the former CBS anchorman is still kicking ass and winning Emmys." (Dan Rather Reports actually won a news Emmy in 2008, so someone is still trying to reassemble Rather's shredded reputation.) They also notice almost no one watches his HDNet show, but suggest that's a terrible shame. Freelance writer Jim Rendon recounted how Rather worked on a story about electronic voting machines, a favorite of the paranoid Janeane Garofalo left, that thinks both Gore and Kerry beat Bush ... [link]
Some talk these days about "Obama Derangement Syndrome,"   But the derision that a handful of people in this country heap upon our hapless president today over where he was born and how much dope he smoked in years past doesn't hold a candle to the blind hatred that propelled the left in the Bush years.  As epitomized by Memogate.  A Dan Rather-produced scandal that most journalists today prefer to ignore and few have ever even acknowledged.

Bottom line: Dan Rather is the Richard Nixon of journalism.  And yet he's feted by his contemporaries as if he is their elder statesman, the legend, the epitome of all that is good and wholesome in their craft.

It says a whole lot about the press.

* Mother Jones was a militant union organizer and proud subversive in the coalfields - particularly in West Virginia - in the years before World War I.  She has been dubbed "the most dangerous woman in America" in her time for her efforts that included her call for miners to arm themselves and do battle with the United States military that had been sent in to restore order, and for her flirtations with the American Socialist Party and with the Industrial Workers of the World - the "Wobblies" - an international union organizing effort led in large part by communists.