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Monday, March 14, 2011

Killed In The Line Of Duty

It's a dangerous world we live in.  Earthquakes.  Tsunamis.  Terrorists.

And assholes trying to rob salvage yards:
2 deputies killed, 2 injured in Buchanan County
Associated Press

Vansant, Va. -- A suspect opened fire on sheriff's deputies responding to a robbery call at a rural salvage yard Sunday, killing two and injuring two others before being killed in a shootout, Virginia State Police said.

One of the injured deputies suffered life-threatening injuries. The other was in serious condition, state police said.

The owner of Roger's Service Center in the Southwest Virginia community of Vansant told police that his business was being robbed and he had blocked the suspect's vehicle with his own.

State police Sgt. Steve Lowe said that when deputies and state police arrived about 2 p.m., shots were fired. Two Buchanan County deputies were hit and died at the scene.

The other two deputies were shot when they arrived at the salvage yard, Lowe said.

State police and other officers found the suspect about two hours later and after "some sort of engagement," they shot and killed him, Lowe said.

"I'm not sure what the confrontation was when they encountered him," Lowe said. "Apparently he was identified as the right person." [link]
The implication to be drawn from the last two sentences is that the officers who tracked him down summarily shot the murderer and saved us having to pay for his upkeep at the Holiday Inn Pocahontas for the rest of his sorry life.

Works for me.

Our hearts go out to the widows and orphans made so by this lowlife scumbag.

Coulda Fooled Me

You learn something every day.  Why, you suppose, is the United States of America blessed with the greatest fighting force the world has ever known?  Well, if you're a member of the "Military Leadership Diversity Commission," you know the answer:

"The commission believes that the diversity of our service members is the unique strength of our military."

Odd.  I thought the "unique strength of our military" came from this:

Of course, I could be wrong.  It might be the presence of babes on the battlefield that makes all the difference.

We're Number 1!

Here are two related facts we can be proud of:

1) There are some twenty-nine million Americans who are currently either unemployed or underemployed.

2) The U.S. will hold the distinction in a few weeks of having the highest corporate tax rate on earth.

We all hate those evil corporations, right?  Well, we've created circumstances such that we no longer have to deal with them.  Good riddance.

And how happy we are for having done it ...

Who Listens To NPR?

Here's an interesting exchange between conservative George Will and liberal NPR hired hand Coakie Roberts on ABC's "This Week" Sunday (as reported by NewsBusters).  It has to do with the publically funded radio network and its recent troubles:
GEORGE WILL: We learned this week redundantly that NPR is run by people who don't like people like me. Which is fine. The problem is there are 14,000 radio stations in this country. The government shouldn’t be subsidizing neither entertainment, certainly not journalism. In fact, this is a solution in search of a problem.

ROBERTS: Well, there are not 14,000 radio stations in rural areas, which is where most of the federal funding goes. Most of those stations are the ones that, NPR gets hardly any money from the federal government, and the big stations get hardly any money. But the little, tiny, rural stations that, where there’s nothing else on the air, get a lot of money and they would go dark.
We heard from an NPR insider the other day who admitted that which everyone knew, that NPR cultivates "a core audience that is predominately white, liberal, highly educated, elite."  Not to take anything away from my friends and neighbors here in rural America, but where are those "white, liberal, highly educated elites" out here in the real world that Coakie Roberts wants us to believe are being targeted with NPR's federal funding?  By my count we could assemble them all and fit them into a phone booth.

Does anyone listen to NPR out here?  I don't think so.

* So you know, I'm listening to Lady Antebellum at this moment on 93.9 FM.

Beware The Irrational Environmentalists

Yesterday I touched on how irrational liberals are.  I mentioned their odd reaction to the Tea Party movement and to their avoidance of any discussion of Islamist extremism in this country.  Let's continue that discussion.  Today we take that irrationality to another topic: Nuclear power:

Japan Does Not Face Another Chernobyl
By William Tucker, Wall Street Journal

Even while thousands of people are reported dead or missing, whole neighborhoods lie in ruins, and gas and oil fires rage out of control, press coverage of the Japanese earthquake has quickly settled on the troubles at two nuclear reactors as the center of the catastrophe.

Rep. Ed Markey (D., Mass.), a longtime opponent of nuclear power, has warned of "another Chernobyl" and predicted "the same thing could happen here." In response, he has called for an immediate suspension of licensing procedures for the Westinghouse AP1000, a "Generation III" reactor that has been laboring through design review at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for seven years.

Before we respond with such panic, though, it would be useful to review exactly what is happening in Japan and what we have to fear from it.

[jf: Read the detailed explanation of what's going on and what to expect.]

What the Japanese earthquake has proved is that even the oldest containment structures can withstand the impact of one of the largest earthquakes in recorded history. The problem has been with the electrical pumps required to operate the cooling system. It would be tragic if the result of the Japanese accident were to prevent development of Generation III reactors, which eliminate this design flaw. [link]

You'll be hearing a lot from the Chicken Littles of the world about Chernobyl in coming days. Just try to remember who it is that's doing the whining. It's the irrational left.

Though we'll never convince them that times have changed, and that there can be no more Chernobyls, we can certainly ignore them. And rebut them. And ignore them.

Beware The Irrational Environmentalists II

You knew this was coming:

An earthquake with an 8.9 magnitude struck Japan.  And some say climate change isn’t real?!

For the love of God.