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Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's 1926 All Over Again

Only the skin color of the accused has changed.

That would be MSNBC's resident "liberal" talking head, Lawrence O'Donnell.

Any bets on whether this open-minded leftist uses Robert Byrd's favorite moniker when he talks off-camera about white Americans?

And he calls us bigots ...

Speaking Truth To The Clueless

The NRA to Barack Obama, in response to his Sunday op-ed in the Arizona Star:

Dear Mr. President:

We read your editorial submission to the Arizona Star. However, to focus a national dialogue on guns — and not criminals or mental health issues — misses the point entirely. Americans are not afraid of gun ownership. To the contrary, they overwhelmingly support the fundamental, individual right to keep and bear arms. The primary reason why tens of millions of Americans own firearms is that they fear violent criminals roaming the streets undeterred.


We welcome any serious discussion on policies that focus on prosecuting criminals and fixing deficiencies in the mental health system. Any proposals to the contrary are not a legitimate approach to the issue.


Wayne LaPierre
Executive Vice President
National Rifle Association
Illegitimate is one way of looking at Obama's call for dialogue on the issue of  "guns."  Irrelevant is the way I see it.  "Dialoguing" with a madman, whether he be Moammar Gadhafi or Cho Seung-Hui, is, as history continues to prove, a waste of time and effort.

Though we can all admit, our president seems to have a lot of time on his hands for such silliness.

Headline of the Day

* That would be 2004 Democratic Party candidate for president, and world-class buffoon, Al Sharpton.

Guess Who's Responsible?

Here's something I didn't know:
In 1996, [top-loading washing machines] were pretty much the only type of washer around, and they were uniformly high quality. When Consumer Reports tested 18 models, 13 were "excellent" and five were "very good." By 2007, though, not one was excellent and seven out of 21 were "fair" or "poor." This month came the death knell: Consumer Reports simply dismissed all conventional top-loaders as "often mediocre or worse."
Want to venture a guess as to who - or what - destroyed the washing machine? (!)

That's right.  The same bunch that decided that our workhouse incandescent light bulbs were a menace and is forcing us to use those (foreign-made) expensive, dangerous, ineffective, and flawed curlicue light bulbs instead.

See "How Washington Ruined Your Washing Machine."

And weap.

And be fearful.

And vote.

Quotes of the Day

All supplied by Daniel Henninger, in "The Collapse of Internationalism":

First, he cites Libyan rebel spokesman Essam Gheriani, whose ragtag army fights a desperate - and losing - rebellion against Moammar Gadhafi's dictatorship:

"Everyone here is puzzled as to how many casualties the international community judges to be enough for them to help. Maybe we should start committing suicide to reach the required number."


"Not the 28 members of NATO, not the 15-member U.N. Security Council, not the 22 nations of the Arab League could save Libya's rebels from being obliterated by the mad and murderous Moammar Gadhafi."

"The world's self-professed keepers of international order, from Brussels to Turtle Bay, huffed and puffed, talked and threatened. And they failed. Utterly."

"In the Middle East, no one has stepped up, no one is leading alongside and our allies are in the rear, accomplishing nothing while they wait for . . . America."

- - - 

A few other headlines tell the sad tale.

CBS News: Obama: We're "tightening the noose on Qaddafi"

Washington Post: Obama administration seeks more U.N. authority to intervene in Libya

The BBC: Libya: Obama seeks consensus on response to violence

Politico: Democrats wonder: What's our plan?

New York Times: Libyan Forces Rout Rebels as West’s Effort for No-Flight Zone Stalls

France 24: Leaders dither as Gaddafi hails final showdown

This from the Obama White House says it all: "The United States seeks to engage in dialogue that is honest and grounded in mutual respect, as the best way to resolve disagreements and work towards shared interests. We are committed to strengthening existing partnerships and building new ones to confront the challenges of the 21st century."

Dialogue is the best way to end the carnage in Libya?

Gadhafi smiles.

Okay, What's This All About?

I don't know if I've ever commented on this nitwit's ongoing antics on MSNBC, in part because I rarely watch MSNBC.  Because I just don't have precious time to waste on him or his awful network.  But when I see this NewsBusters headline, I have to pause and take the time:

Schultz's Red Scare: Supporting Republican Michigan Gov Equals 'Lining Up With Communist Party'

Say what?

The Schultz referred to is the cable channel's evening blowhard (and socialist wannabe), Ed Schultz. What in God's name is he talking about?
Ed Schultz has declared--not paraphrasing, actually quoting--that Tea Partiers who support Republican Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder are "lining up with the Communist Party."

Schultz was set off by Snyder's signing of an emergency bill giving, as per this report, "broad new powers to emergency financial managers appointed by the state of Michigan."

ED SCHULTZ: [Republican Michigan Governor Rick] Snyder's plan flies in the face of everything conservatives have ever stood for. If you're in Michigan, and you're a Tea Partier, and if you support this, I just want you to know, you're lining up with the Communist Party--in case you didn't know. This is what they did in the old Soviet Union. It's heavy-handed, dictatorial stuff. Is that what you want? [link]
Well, I can't speak for all conservatives, Ed, but I'm not one for dictators *(or even dictatorial "stuff") or a Soviet takeover of government.  But is that what really took place in Michigan?  Let's find out.

From the report that Schultz cites:
Gov. Rick Snyder has signed legislation giving broad new powers to emergency financial managers appointed by the state of Michigan to run struggling cities and schools, including the ability to terminate union contracts.

The Republican governor signed the measures Wednesday, the same day that thousands of union protesters rallied inside and outside the Capitol to protest the bills and others they say are anti-union.

Snyder says the six bills he signed will let the state offer assistance earlier when local governments are in financial distress, instead of waiting until they're on the brink of bankruptcy and give financial managers better tools.

Many Democrats and labor unions say it's a state power grab that could set up virtual dictatorships and strip power from local elected officials.
Schultz would be on more solid ground if he simply argued that the state of Michigan - through these new powers - isn't going to have any effect on how Detroit (this is really about Detroit) is or is not able to turn its fortunes around. Though the ability to terminate union contracts will.

As for that communist thing, do you suppose that Mr. Schultz is arguing that "cities and schools" shouldn't be run by the state? If so, count me in.

But "dictatorial"? Schultz isn't smart enough to grasp the fact that "cities and schools" are government institutions. So if the governor - whose pouring mountains of state cash into them - takes control, isn't it a government takeover of government institutions?

I'd be concerned if, say, Governor Snyder took over Detroit-based General Motors. Then he could argue that a dictatorial power had seized ... oh, wait. The government (federal, that is) did seize control of General Motors. But with Board acquiescence. So even Obama's heavy-handed intrusion in the private sector can't be considered "dictatorial." Socialist maybe. But not dictatorial.

Bottom line: One government exercising influence over other governments and government institutions isn't dictatorial. It's just a waste of time. And will have little effect.**

Ed needs to take his pill. And go back to that hole he emerged from.

- - -

* Leftists like to toss about the word dictator without knowing what it means.   Dictators aren't participants in a regular election regime.  Dictators aren't constrained by any laws a legislature - in this case in Michigan - passes.  Dictator: "A person exercising absolute power, especially a ruler who has absolute, unrestricted control in a government without hereditary succession."

** This might come as a shock, but the state of Michigan has been heavily involved in the administration of Detroit city schools for a long time now. See, as an example, "State orders Detroit to close half its schools." We wish Governor Snyder the best. But his effort will have little effect on the city's ever-declining fortunes. Now if he were to slash tax rates and cut out all the union-sponsored regulations that cripple industry in his state, he could transform those cities - and schools - into being like Texas!

*** Earth to Ed: Communism: "A form of socialism that abolishes private ownership."