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Monday, March 21, 2011

Not Worth The Paper They're Printed On

I mentioned a long time ago that, when reviewing résumés or poring over job applications, I give no credence to "educational background." I look for job experience (and then turn to criminal background). Why? Because America is awash in meaningless college degrees.

Check this out (from "Why Did 17 Million Students Go to College?"):
Over 317,000 waiters and waitresses have college degrees (over 8,000 of them have doctoral or professional degrees), along with over 80,000 bartenders, and over 18,000 parking lot attendants. All told, some 17,000,000 Americans with college degrees are doing jobs that the BLS says require less than the skill levels associated with a bachelor’s degree.

The relentless claims of the Obama administration and others that having more college graduates is necessary for continued economic leadership is incompatible with this view. Putting issues of student abilities aside, the growing disconnect between labor market realities and the propaganda of higher-education apologists is causing more and more people to graduate and take menial jobs or no job at all. This is even true at the doctoral and professional level—there are 5,057 janitors in the U.S. with Ph.D.’s, other doctorates, or professional degrees.
Why do I ignore college degrees on a job application? Because they come a dime a dozen.

Me? Give me someone with five months of successful McDonald's experience any day. That person knows what work is all about.

- - -

Here's a chart from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that shows how bad the education vs. employment chasm has gotten.  Click on the image to enlarge it.

I'll bet every one of these people had big plans once they graduated and had this sheepskin in hand ...

* I once had the opportunity of being escorted to my Enterprise Rent-a-Car by a nice young man who had graduated from Michigan State with a degree in International Politics.  To the school's credit, he drove responsibly and was well-mannered.

Tip of the Iceberg

Truth be known, this problem is far worse than the statistics let on:
Drugs driving crime in Galax
By April Wright, Reporter, Galax Gazette

Galax has experienced marked increases in reported crimes since 2008, including a 17 percent increase in “Part A” crimes — property crimes, crimes of violence, gambling, prostitution, extortion and narcotics, Galax Police Chief Rick Clark told city council during his annual report on March 14.

“We continue to believe that the crime is being driven by drug abuse,” said Clark. “In a 12-month period ending in 2010, members of the police department were involved in the arrest and federal prosecution of 10 individuals who, by their own admission, were responsible for the distribution of 367 pounds of meth in the City of Galax and Grayson County.”

Clark said that amount conservatively amounts to over $16 million in street value.

The police department has observed a measurable increase in the availability of diverted prescription drugs, as indicated by an increase in arrests and investigation of the sale of prescription narcotics.

Clark said many of the people who were arrested for a serious crime said they were motivated to obtain money for drugs or they were under the influence at the time of the offense. [link]
Despite valiant efforts on the part of law enforcement across the country and here in Southwest Virginia to control the sale and distribution of pseudoephedrine (and ephedrine), the primary ingredient for making meth, it still abounds.  And still wrecks lives.  With no end in sight.

Meth production and sales are up.  Crime is up.  There is a direct correlation.

As Long As It doesn't Cost Anything

We're about to have a new designation here in Bland County.  We're soon to be known - if all goes well - as an "Appalachian Trail Community.

Riches.  Fame.  Prosperity.  Soon to follow.

Thousands To Gather At Virginia Tech

Bill Bradley is scheduled to speak there on the 24th.

(Note to those who are thinking of attending: The guy bored people to sleep back when he was a presidential contender.  Now that he's been in retirement for decades?  Bring a book.)

Obama Lied, People Died!

God, I'm going to enjoy this.

- - -

Obama's new "war" reminds me of the one which Bill Clinton conducted against al Qaeda in August of 1998 in retaliation for the terrorist bombings of American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania that killed hundreds of people, and wounded over 4,000.  Wild Bill sent cruise missiles into Afghanistan and Sudan, blew up an aspirin factory and some training sites in the process, and ... then ... nothing happened.  That was it.  War over.

Except that it wasn't.  Clinton's rash and misguided* effort aroused and emboldened the very people he was trying to intimidate.  If that's what he was trying to do.  Nobody really knows.

So Obama is sending cruise missiles into Libya, his purpose being ... what?

Expect an apology and restitution to be forthcoming.

* Lliterally misguided - Clinton thought the aspirin factory was a nerve gas factory and "guided" U.S. missiles into it by mistake.

Oh, My

Michael Moore and I are in agreement:

Only difference is, I wasn't taken in by The Messiah's dog-and-pony show in the first place.

- - -

Speaking of strikes, how did that one turn out that Michael Moore called for a few weeks ago?  Declared the poster boy for Slimfast:
And I just got word from high school students in Madison. They're calling for a student strike, a walkout, on Friday afternoon at 2:00. And they've now invited students across Wisconsin and the country to have a mass student walkout--high school students--at 2:00, your last hour of class on Friday. Everybody march out and pick a place where you're going to meet and have your rally. And have your voice be heard about what these adults are doing to your education, because they are purposely setting it up so that you will be screwed for the rest of your life.
Odd.  I must have slept through it.

How Proud The Democrats Must Be

Problem is, the fool is our vice president too:

[Joe Biden], known for speaking his mind and at times putting his foot in his mouth, said that Republicans who want to cut spending while at the same time cutting [sic] taxes for the wealthy are similar to rape apologists.

For the love of God.