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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hey, It's Not His Money

But then, it's not mine either.

So you people in Botetourt need to decide whether it's the proper role of government to have your paid employee therein to donate your hard-earned income to charity causes he deems worthy:
Botetourt County to match donations to Japan aid
By Duncan Adams, Roanoke Times

Botetourt County has a long-standing relationship with Japanese companies that have brought jobs and tax revenues. And that relationship has spurred county officials to offer a match for donations to support Japan's response to and recovery from the catastrophic combination of earthquake, tsunami and related nuclear reactor crises.

County Administrator Jerry Burgess said Wednesday that the county, drawing upon anticipated savings as the current fiscal year approaches its final months, is offering a match of up to a total of $10,000 for donations.

Checks should be made out to the American Red Cross and the memo line should designate the money for Japan earthquake/tsunami relief. [link]
The Red Cross part I understand.  Paula and I have written our check.

I even understand the effort to encourage private donations beyond the norm.

But a local administrator deciding to give away taxpayer money because he thinks it's a good cause?  What next?  PITA?  The NRA?  The Arkansas Paranormal Research Association?

My suggestion?  Roads, bridges, sewers, schools, man.

Is that too much to ask?

We Are Where We Were Intended To Be

One of our allies in the war on Libya?


Did you really doubt this outcome when Obama came into office?

Shoulder-to-shoulder, Obama and Osama look to changing the world ...

Can a Peace Prize for bin Ladin be far behind?

Call it the 'Joe Biden Line'

Can you say federal bankruptcy?

As Screwy Joe might put it:

Just think what another half-billion could have done.

What Next, Big Guy?

Here's a question, I'll bet, that neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton nor anyone else in the United States government has asked before:

After Gaddafi, Democracy or Jihadists?

I can see Bill's wife on the phone with Mr. Hope-n-Change this morning:

Boy, we showed them.

So, what now?

Good grief.

Gov't As We've Come To Expect It

Want a glimpse into your Obamacare world of the future?  Take a look at the government-run air traffic control system of today. 

Here's a conversation that took place over an airport - Reagan National - that handles some 18 million travelers a year, between a pilot who was attempting to land his commercial jetliner and someone at a nearby facility:
“So you’re aware,” the controller said, “the tower is apparently not manned. We’ve made a few phone calls. Two airplanes went in the past 10-15 minutes, so you can expect to go into an uncontrolled airport.”

“Is there a reason it’s not manned?” the American pilot asked.

“Well, I’m going to take a guess,” the controller replied, “and say that the controller got locked out. I’ve heard of it happening before.”

“That’s the first time I’ve heard of it,” the pilot said.

“Fortunately, it’s not very often,” the controller said. “It happened about a year ago. I’m not sure that’s what happened now, but there’s nobody in the tower.”
The pilot landed on his own.

The government is investigating ...


One of Obamacare's biggest supporters, Democrat Anthony Weiner of New York, may ask that his district be granted an exemption from Obamacare.  He's still BIG on Obamacare, though.  For the rest of us.

For the love of God.

Elizabeth Taylor Dies

This says more about me than about her.  After all, she did win two Academy Awards.  And deservedly.  She was one heck of an actress.

Oddly, though, of all the flicks she ever made, the only one that I ever cared to watch twice was "The White Cliffs of Dover" (1944).  One in which she played but a small part.

Her most famous?  "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof," (1958) "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf," (1966), "Butterfield 8," (1960) and "Cleopatra" (1963)?   Unbearable.

Each to his own.

Elizabeth Taylor is dead at the age of 79.  She will be missed by millions.


We Still Haven't Hit Bottom

This has to stop at some point:

Lord a'mercy.

War As Hot Potato

Can you imagine any other president in history (okay, there was Jimmy Carter) ever bringing this situation about?
'Gadhafi Is Facing a Coalition of the Unwilling'
By David Gordon Smith, Der Spiegel

The coalition military operation against Moammar Gadhafi has made good progress toward its goals of destroying the Libyan dictator's air defenses and establishing a no-fly zone over the country. But that, it seems, was the easy part. Far more difficult are the questions of who should now lead the mission and what the operation's ultimate objectives should be.

The US government, wary of getting stuck in another war in a Muslim country, would like to hand control of the mission over to NATO, but the alliance is divided. At a meeting on Monday, NATO ambassadors failed to agree on whether the alliance should take control of the mission. NATO involvement would require approval by all 28 members.

France has opposed handing control to NATO because of Arab skepticism about the alliance, which is perceived as being dominated by the US. Paris would prefer the current coalition of France, Britain and the US to keep political control of the mission, with operational support from NATO, according to sources quoted by Reuters. Turkey, an alliance member which sees itself as a bridge to the Muslim world, is opposing NATO control of the operation. On Tuesday, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the United Nations should be in charge of an entirely humanitarian operation in Libya.

Britain and Italy want the alliance to be in charge of the operation, however. [link]
Mass freaking confusion.  Everyone following, no one leading.  Keystone Kops.

I fear for our planet.

Is It Still Considered Betrayal ...

... if Massachusetts' Republican Senator Scott Brown turns out to be every bit the liberal as some of us have come to fear to be the case?

Time for the Tea Party to gather up the fishing gear and head out again. Toss that one back. Go after another.

Eyes on the prize.

Welcome To Obama's World

You read stories like this and shake your head in disbelief.  A federal judge has ruled that old people are not allowed to opt out of Medicare if they expect to receive the Social Security benefits that they were (supposedly) promised.

The most startling sentence in the article?

"This is convoluted enough, but Judge [Rosemary] Collyer's truly novel finding comes with her implicit argument that to be 'entitled' to a government benefit is to be obligated to accept it."

A federal judge. 

My God.

That's Your Proof That NPR Isn't Biased?

Read this, from a National Public Radio morning host, and tell me what's wrong with his argument:
Liberal Bias at NPR?
By Steve Inskeep, Wall Street Journal

[L]et's consider the fundamental question: the accusation of "liberal bias" at NPR, which drives many critics calling to eliminate its federal funding. It's not my job as a reporter to address the funding question. But I can point out that the recent tempests over "perceived bias" have nothing to do with what NPR puts on the air.

The facts show that NPR attracts a politically diverse audience of 33.7 million weekly listeners to its member stations on-air. In surveys by GfK MRI, most listeners consistently identify themselves as "middle of the road" or "conservative." Millions of conservatives choose NPR, even with powerful conservative alternatives on the radio.

I've met an incredible variety of listeners in my travels. The audience includes students, peace activists, and American soldiers I met in Iraq. They're among many people ... [link]
Here's my take: This doesn't speak to NPR's bias as much as it does to the writer's intelligence.  Does he really think his argument that "millions of conservatives choos[ing] NPR" has anything at all to do with whether or not NPR employees are biased toward liberalism?  One has nothing to do with the other.


I'm as conservative as they come.  Yet, if memory serves, I was quoting from The Nation just yesterday.  The Nation being about as radically leftist as any publication in the United States today.   I read the New York Times and the Washington Post every day.  What does that say about my political leanings?  Nothing.  How does that speak to the biases that contributors to the Times and the Post maintain?  Nothing.  It simply means that we conservatives are willing to search out all opinions from all sides and draw reasoned judgments therefrom.

No.  There may be another message coming out of this bit of foolishness.  If the author, Mr. Inskeep, thinks those who hold biases, as I proudly admit to doing, refuse to listen to the other side, he may be inadvertently revealing a great deal about those of his political mindset.  Maybe liberals refuse to listen to opposing views and this guy assumes the other side does the same?

Can  we draw from this the conclusion that liberals don't watch Fox News because it is perceived as holding a different bias than that which they harbor?  That's the inference to be drawn.  A very ugly, small-minded one, if you ask me.

George Allen Favors Obamacare Repeal

He'd have my vote for this reason alone:
A year ago today President Obama ignored the objections of the American people and signed into law a $2.5 trillion health care monstrosity – one year later We the People are still being ignored. This unconstitutional, anti-jobs government mandate has resulted in a massive expansion of government, higher premiums, and rapidly growing debt. Twenty-eight states, including Virginia, are challenging the law for violating the constitutional rights and prerogatives of their citizens. It is clear to everyone but those in Washington that this is the wrong prescription to fix our health system. Before any more damage is done, we need to repeal and replace this monstrosity with reforms that will make health care more affordable and accessible for Virginia families and small businesses.
Repeal and replace. Anything less is as nothing.

Received via email.

Allen West Favors Repeal of Obamacare

Keep an eye on this guy.  He's going far.  Congressman Allen West of Florida:
There is no question that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is an unpopular overhaul of the American health care system and threatens Americans’ access to quality health care," West said.

Since the passage of ObamaCare:

• Two Federal judges have found the individual mandate – the lynchpin of ObamaCare – unconstitutional.

• The House of Representatives has voted to repeal ObamaCare’s onerous 1099 tax reporting provisions that will saddle small businesses with oppressive paperwork, drive up costs, destroy jobs, and obstruct economic growth.

• The Obama Administration has had to approve more than 1,000 waivers for entities and states facing unworkable mandates under the law.

• A majority of Americans favor repeal of ObamaCare despite a year-long public relations campaign by the White House and others to turn public opinion.

While many may argue that this is a law about health care, it is truly an issue about the long term viability of our economy," West said.  "America’s unemployment rate has been close to 10 percent in 2010, while South Florida suffers with almost 12 percent unemployed. Many small business owners have expressed their frustration that this legislation is hurting their businesses. ObamaCare adds billions to our nation’s already unsustainable mountain of debt. Further, since the enactment of this law, health care premiums have actually increased and Americans will not able to keep the coverage they currently enjoy.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is a costly and unworkable maze of new federal agencies and empowered Federal Government bureaucrats who determine the what, when, where, and how of health care," West said.  "While there are certain parts of the law that I support, including the segment on pre-existing conditions, I believe the bill overreaches the authority of the federal government.

It is for these reasons I stand by a vote in the House of Representatives to repeal ObamaCare. I will continue to work to replace this law with a patient-centered solution that restores health care choice for all Americans.
Keep hammering, man.   Our future depends on it.

Received via email.