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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Is Radmacher Gone From The Times Already?

This is so unlike the Roanoke Times editorial page. 


I'm not sure I can deal with it.

See "Blacksburg's traitorous celebration"

I thought, before I read it, that the city of Blacksburg had committed the unpardonable act of purchasing incandescent light bulbs for Jamerson Athletic Center to accommodate Virginia Tech's annual Hokie Celebration, or had announced plans - the nerve! the treachery! - to celebrate the Ten Commandments (upon which our country was founded, ahem).

But no.

It's about Blacksburg's decision to celebrate the wedding of Britain's Prince William. And it's all tongue-in-cheek (I hope).

Not bad.

Keep this up and I may have to take back every rotten thing I've ever written about the Roanoke Times.

Or not.

Obama - and the American People - Win One

Message to GE Aviation: If your new jet engine is that promising, invest in it.  Don't make the American taxpayers pay for it unless and until that time comes when it actually has a purpose.

Remember that F-35 fighter engine that the Pentagon didn't want but members of Congress - including some of those stalwart spending-cutter Republicans we keep hearing about, like Eric Cantor - insisted on funding anyway?

Well, it looks like we may be off the hook for it (excepting of course the billions that we've thrown at the project to the present):
Obama wins F-35 engine battle with Congress
By Stephen Dinan, Washington Times

The F-35 fighter jet’s alternate engine has survived White House veto threats and knock-down congressional budget battles, but on Thursday the Pentagon finally said it is halting spending — delivering a major, albeit short-term, victory to President Obama.

Using Congress‘ ongoing budget stalemate as cover, the Defense Department said it was issuing a 90-day stop-work order on the second engine production line run by GE/Rolls-Royce.

“In our view, it is a waste of taxpayer money that can be used to fund higher Departmental priorities, and should be ended now,” the department said in a statement announcing the decision, which leaves the F-35 to rely on just one engine supplier, Pratt & Whitney.

With billions of dollars already sunk into the second engine, it has become a key battle in the test of wills between the president and Congress. Mr. Obama wants to find some defense programs to cut, while many lawmakers have balked. [link]
This engine development project, sadly, was viewed by a large contingent of Republicans here in Virginia as a public works project, providing jobs to needy citizens. Despite the fact that the engines those needy Virginians would be building would become boat anchors because there would be no other use for them. For that kind of thinking we need Republicans?

"Workfare" died with (the most liberal Republican in American history) Richard Nixon. Welfare was killed off by Bill Clinton - welfare, that is, "as we knew it."

What say we not resurrect either?

- - -

If we are going to have our government pay for the manufacture of products that nobody will ever use, may I respectfully suggest that Congress fund my new company?

The Bland Buggy Whip Manufactory, manufacturer of the world's finest ... back scratcher ... or fly swatter ... or ... toe tickler ... or ...

Please, Mr. Cantor. You only get one chance at this. And you're blowing it.

We're Killing Babies?

This is beyond laughable.  It's bewilderingly ludicrous. Republicans want to poison little babies? Would anyone take such nonsense seriously?

Some group called "American Family Voices" thinks so:

So who runs American Family Voices? Some dude whose past gigs include work for Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, and "progressive" lobbying groups like People for the American Way.  And some gal whose past includes stints with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the now-notorious SEIU, and who these days "works with Democratic candidates, party committees, initiative and referendum campaigns, trade associations, labor unions and public interest groups."

Both, by the way, live in Washington D.C.  Which says a lot about their mindset.  And about their target audience with this silly ad.

Do the two of them really think they will change anyone's mind by charging that conservatives are trying to kill little children?


No one said you had to be bright to be a "progressive."

For This I Can Be Black

And a farmer.

The government is handing out cash to anyone who meets those two criteria?

Bring it, honey:

The United States government has shelled out billions to a group of people who claimed to be black and who claimed to have at least attempted to be farmers.

I hereby claim to have "attempted" both. Make that check payable to:

Jerry Fuhrman
Bland, Virginia

For the love of God. What are we doing?

Jerry The Movie Critic

Well, no, I'm not here for that.  But I did want to mention this: Have you ever sat down to watch a flick that you didn't think you'd want to see, only to find out that it was really engrossing?  It happened the other night here at Netflix Central.  Paula had included on our list of rentals the Denzel Washington action thriller, "Unstoppable."  A movie about a runaway train.

(A runaway train?  Ugh.)

Turns out, it was action-packed, heartwarming, and darn good, start to finish.

I was taken by surprise.  And was pleased.

If you're looking for good entertainment, I give "Unstoppable" ☺☺☺☺.