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Monday, March 28, 2011

One Of These Guys Is Probably Right

Barack Obama on our mission in Libya:

I said at the outset that this was going to be a matter of days and not weeks."

Defense Secretary Robert Gates yesterday, when asked on ABC's "This Week" if American military involvement in Libya might go on for months:

"I don't think anybody knows the answer to that."

But his boss, the commander-in-chief, knows, right? Right?

Nuclear Goes Back On The Shelf

Just when we were making progress in our effort to bring clean, affordable energy to an energy-starved world, a tsunami smashes into the Fukushima complex and everything changes.

Humans are frightened by nuclear power - again - and won't countenance its use.

Witness the election results in Germany yesterday:

It was a referendum on nuclear (and on Chancellor Angela Merkel's handling of the issue). And nuclear lost. BIG.

So we're back to windmills.  Or solar.  Or switchgrass.  Or some other nonsense.

And the world will become evermore energy-starved.

We were so close.  So close.


- - -

Closer to home, you can kiss that initiative in Southside Virginia to begin harvesting uranium goodbye too.  Mines being susceptible to earthquakes.  Uranium being evil.  Children being born with two heads ...

Academic Thinks Academics Should Be Shielded From Criticism

And you'll understand why he thinks so when I reveal his name.

The man who, more than any other academic living in this country today, opens himself up to criticism because - when it comes down to it - he's a nitwit who makes the most outlandish and unsupportable claims:

Paul Krugman.

Get out your hankie. Read "American Thought Police." Grieve for those in academia who dare to venture forth from their caves and express opinions in the public arena of ideas, and get criticized for their beliefs.

Oh, the humanity.

The Left & Its Problem With Paranoia

Not long ago it was this business organization that was seen by the paranoid leftists in this country as being all kinds of evil incarnate:

That was yesterday.  Did Halliburton change its way of doing business?  No.  The paranoia simply shifted to this business organization:

Is it the money that Halliburton and Koch Industries have?  Can't be.  Their favored institutions on the left are awash in capital too. Is it that these protesters don't want corporations involved in politics?  If so, why aren't they just as worked up over George Soros's MoveOn.org, a corporation if there ever was one.  A corporation that devotes itself entirely to politics.

No.  There is only one explanation.

It's a matter of fear.  Anxiety.  An irrational sense of foreboding.  An unreasoned, unjustified feeling that evil lurks all around us.  Even in the strangest of places.

There's no explanation beyond that.

We're all going to die a horrible death.  It begins and ends there.