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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Spot The Idiot

I rarely comment on anything written over at Daily Kos.  Simply because the contributors to America's number one leftist weblog are, by and large, nothing more than fools with keyboards.

But sometimes they are so boneheaded that they deserve mention.

See "Totalitarian Capitalism stages a show trial for teachers."

The first tip-off that the (anonymous) author isn't all that bright or well-educated (and probably not very old either) is this laughable line: "Welcome to the open air Gulag that is America today."

We live in a gulag.

Good God.

I encourage everyone (including this knucklehead) to put on their reading list Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's "Gulag Archipelago." The following appeared in the New York Review of Books when his epic tome on the subject of totalitarianism and its application in Soviet Russia was released back in 1974. It was written by an American scholar of wide renown, Stephen F. Cohen:
Most books about the experience of holocaust, especially those written by survivors, have two purposes. One is to chronicle the full horror of the holocaust, to sear it into the collective consciousness, so that it may never recur. The other is to explain the historical origins and causes of that experience.

"The Gulag Archipelago" is a non-fictional account from and about the other great holocaust of our century--the imprisonment, brutalization and very often murder of tens of millions of innocent Soviet citizens by their own Government, mostly during Stalin's rule from 1929 to 1953.

This volume of "The Gulag Archipelago," containing only two of seven projected parts, is structure loosely as a journey to the "thousands of islands of the spellbound Archipelago." The reader follows scores of victims, their biographies effectively generalized, from arrest to first cell and "interrogation," then onward through transit prisons, across the vast country in overcrowded, pestilent trains, to the ports and ships of the Archipelago. It is a journey into debasement and death, into grotesque torture, execution, rape, starvation, thirst, disease and more. Reduced to "a caricature of humanity," millions somehow survived the journey, other millions did not. 
"A journey into debasement and death, into grotesque torture, execution, rape, starvation, thirst, disease and more."  The Daily Kos writer has the audacity - the ignorance? - to compare the USA today to that.

And what of his (her?) contention that something called "capitalist totalitarianism" is taking over this country?   Just look at the evidence cited and laugh.  The "attack" on teachers, including, most notably, those in Wisconsin. Teachers who work for the state.  An ever-expanding state.  Not for corporate America.  But, somehow, it's corporate America that's behind the effort to rein in out-of-balance teacher salaries.  And grow the gulag.

Huh?  Can he/she be serious?

On that reading list I encourage this twit to add another great work.  This one on the subject of repression.  "Darkness at Noon."  Maybe if he/she is able to get through it and understand it, he/she won't write embarrassing nonsense about "capitalist totalitarianism" ever again.

Be ashamed, man.  Your efforts debase the lives of all those millions of human beings who really suffered and died at the hands of an armed and dangerous political philosophy.

With Hat In Hand ...

... we have to seek permission from the government to protect ourselves from the depredations of bad people intent on doing us bodily harm.

May God have mercy.

This sad tale comes to us from the NRA:
According to a recent story on the NJ.com Star-Ledger Editorial Page, Jeffrey Muller—a pet store owner from Sussex County, New Jersey—happens to have the same name as an alleged New York power broker.  Unfortunately for Mr. Muller, his namesake ran afoul of five men from Missouri, apparently bilking them out of $500,000.  The five thugs mistakenly targeted this Jeffrey Muller for revenge.  They assaulted him, shocked him with a stun gun, and kidnapped him, driving him from New Jersey to Lake Ozark, Missouri.  He was blindfolded, beaten and threatened with death.  Fortunately, he was finally able to escape and the kidnappers were arrested.

Now back in New Jersey, Mr. Muller is understandably still shaken by the experience and fears reprisal from relatives of his abductors.  He wants to protect himself, so he applied for a gun permit.  He was denied.  Twice.  And the reason given for the denial?  The Superior Court judge who ruled in the case said Mr. Muller provided “no proof of justifiable need” to carry a firearm! 

Let’s make this clear:  Muller was severely beaten, electrically shocked, abducted, held captive hundreds of miles from his home, threatened with death, and now fears future reprisals.  And that demonstrates “no justifiable need?”  That is outrageous!
Here, by the way, is a photo, from the Star-Ledger editorial, of the man who has no justifiable need for personal protection:

I have to tell you, I get enraged when I hear liberals use as an argument for denying the rights to American citizens - whether it has to do with guns, cigarettes, or table salt (!) - the fact that we don't need (fill in the blank).   As if they have the right to determine our needsAs if freedoms are rationed on the basis of need.

So this guy was beaten half to death, his life was threatened, and he now lives in fear, but some asshole of a judge has determined that the victim doesn't need to do that which is necessary to protect himself from further harm.

The weaker side of my nature hopes that this judge has the opportunity to experience first hand the end-result of his or her "liberal" thinking.  And may he or she live to explain to the rest of us - again - what our needs are when it comes to preserving our lives and protecting ourselves from harm.

Obama Grieves For The Dead

President Barack Obama expressed his condolences yesterday to the people of Itamar  after a family of five, including three little children, were slaughtered in their beds by Muslim extremis ...

Oh, wait.

No, he didn't.

They were only Jews.

He had absolutely nothing to say about it.

You see, those murdered weren't Jews. They were Muslims.  So Obama was shocked and dismayed.

The worst part?

"Obama said in a statement that no religion tolerates 'the slaughter and beheading of innocent people.'"

Not true. Obama's religion, whatever it is, does tolerate the slaughter of innocent people. As long as they're merely Jews.

Itamar, but one of many examples of the tolerance he has been willing to extend to human slaughter.