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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Warner & Webb Vote Against Coal

Senator Webb is retiring.  So he couldn't care less what you think.  But Mark Warner will someday come back down to Southwest Virginia, hat in hand, wanting your vote.  And he'll tell you how he's your man in Washington.  But you'll do well to remember this worm for what he does and not for what he says.

At the most critical moment in the history of this tortured region, Mark Warner voted against you.

A vote took place yesterday in the Senate that was intended to prohibit the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases, regulation being a backdoor way for the environmentalist movement to strangle the coal industry into oblivion. 

The vote was 50-50. Which means Southwest Virginia was defeated.

Both Warner and Webb voted to allow the radical EPA to run roughshod over the people of Buchanan, Dickenson, Russell, Lee, Tazewell, and Wise Counties.  Had either of them had any interest in protecting the jobs of thousands of their constituents in the area, this measure would have passed and the EPA would have been put in its place.  And those jobs would have been saved.

But no.

There's nothing you can do about Webb.  He's history after next year when he goes into a well-received retirement.

But Warner will be seeking reelection.

What say we send him into early retirement too?  Before he inflicts more harm.

* The saddest part of this?  Greenhouse gases have now been proven to have no effect on "climate change.".  This whole effort on the part of the EPA and its partners in crime is based on a fallacy.  And they know it.  But they pursue it anyway.  Jobs in Southwest Virginia?  Sorry.  Your just collateral damage on Al Gore's battlefield.

George Allen On Yesterday's Vote

Let me repeat: Warner and Webb voted with Reid and Schumer yesterday to allow the EPA to kill the coal industry.

Senate hopeful George Allen is as outraged about their stab in the back as we are.  From a press release:
Today’s vote by Senators Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer and their liberal allies against the McConnell-Inhofe amendment to prohibit the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases is a vote against American economic growth and job creation. The Democrat-controlled Senate has decided to abdicate its Constitutional legislative responsibilities and outsource our energy and economic future to an unelected, unaccountable bureaucracy. The consequence of this decision is that American families, farmers and manufacturers will now be seriously threatened with the increased cost of electricity, gasoline and food. By failing to permanently bar the EPA from regulating carbon emissions, Senate Democrats have passed what amounts to a massive tax increase on American consumers that will cost us American jobs, harm employers and hurt Virginia families already struggling with high gasoline prices. Can we expect other countries to impose similar burdens on their citizens? If not this amounts to American economic unilateral disarmament.
China is taking our jobs in droves. And our EPA is helping them.

And our elected representatives in the Senate - Mark Warner and James Webb - support the effort.

For the love of God.

As Sure As The Sunrise

I wonder, knowing how these things play out in the press, who will be the first Republican to attack Republican Paul Ryan's 2012 budget proposal.  He or she will certainly be hailed as a hero, a champion of the downtrodden, a giant among little people, an angel of the Lord sent into the den of lions to rescue the anointed.

How about a trip down memory lane.

My money is on Orrin Hatch.  Maybe Lindsey Graham.  Or the Misfit Mistresses from Maine.

Stardom, acclaim, eternal thanks await.

"Eternal" being operative until their next betrayal is called for.

Get Real

Look, We the People decided that "we" wanted him as president.  And it's We the People who will fire him come November, 2012.

So butt out of our business:

I understand and appreciate the sentiment that drives such actions, but please. Stop.

We will handle this.

Just a Thought

I wonder, since those Democrats in Wisconsin, faced with the possibility that they might be outvoted by their Republican opponents in the public employee union imbroglio, packed their bags and ran to Illinois, and were, for having done so, dubbed the Fabulous 14 by a fawning press, if the Republicans in Washington, should they do the same and flee to avoid a vote over the budget, will be heralded in the same way.

Will the mainstream media view those GOPer's as being "courageous"?

Would they call them the Fabulous 241?

Yeah.  I wonder ...

How Proud The Democrats Must Be

Here's some video of the new leader of the Democratic Party here in the USA in action:

Those of us who are not Democrats are scratching our heads and asking, what were they thinking?

Though nobody will be complaining ...

Obama Pulls a 'Wisconsin Democrat'

This, apparently, is how Democrats now plan on dealing with all tough issues facing our country.  They flee:

When the going gets tough, the tough get the hell over to Illinois.  Or New York.  Or Philadelphia.

Barack Obama.  Another profile in courage. 

Okay, You GOPers Can Stop Joking Around Now

This is no longer funny:

Please. For the love of God.  Don't.


The Democratic Party in 1971, when asked about the oil crisis: There's not much we can do next week or two weeks from now.

The Democratic Party in 1981, when asked about the oil crisis: There's not much we can do next week or two weeks from now.

The Democratic Party in 1991, when asked about the oil crisis: There's not much we can do next week or two weeks from now.

The Democratic Party in 2001, when asked about the oil crisis: There's not much we can do next week or two weeks from now.

Obama yesterday: "There's not much we can do next week or two weeks from now."

The price of gas set an all-time high, going up 8¢ yesterday at the local station.

The Democratic Party in 2021, when asked about the oil crisis: There's not much we can do next week or two weeks from now.

The Democratic Party in 2031, when asked about the oil crisis: There's not much we can do next week or two weeks from now.

The Democratic Party in 2041, when asked about the oil crisis: There's not much we can do next week or two weeks from now.  

My Kinda Woman

I don't know who she is, but I want to have her children:

Her message to Islamist appeaser Lindsey Graham: "Lindsey, why don't you come and hold me accountable. Go ahead. Have me arrested for exercising my 1st Amendment rights. Drag me before Congress and hold me to account. Do it. Nothing would make me happier. I would relish the opportunity to explain to you how exactly it is that we do things in the United States of America. If you want to pick a fight, sir, you go right ahead. But understand, you pick a fight with me, the only way it ends is with you sobbing in the men's room."

There is hope for this country ...

Headline of the Day

Say what?

Uh, dude, I think the housing market is about as roiled as it's ever going to get.

Sorry, bud.  The looming government shutdown will be blamed for a lot of things. But roiling an already turbulent housing sector ain't gonna be one of them.

The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Enemy

This says it all:

Dorothy Rabinowitz writes:
In an interview Sunday in this newspaper, Gen. Petraeus reflected further on the problems caused by burning the Quran and how mobs could be influenced by those who might have an interest in hijacking passions—"in this case, perhaps, understandable passions."

To this the only sane response is no. They are not understandable, these passions that so invariably find voice in mass murder, the butchery of imagined enemies like the people hunted down in the U.N. office Friday, and of everyone else the mobs encountered who might fit the bill. We will not prevail over terrorism and the related bloodlust of this fundamentalist fanaticism as long as our leading representatives, the military included, are inclined to pronounce its motivations as "understandable."

By making no mention of the perpetrators of the current massacres—while managing to suggest they were understandably driven to their action—Gen. Petraeus doubtless believed he was taking the appropriate politic path. It's a path that's unquestionably familiar—called appeasement—and one whose usual outcome is also familiar.
This embarrassing response from Petraeus is emblematic of the West's refusal to come to terms with the enemy. That enemy is not a band of babbling Middle-easterners with towels on their heads. The enemy is an ideology. An ideology fueled by hatred, directed against everyone who doesn't bow to Allah. It's not just about Osama bin Ladin or Mullah Omar. It's about their blood-soaked belief system.

It's all about Islamism.

It's Islamism that needs to be denounced, Mr. Petraeus, not some jerk in Florida. And it's the Islamists that we've sent you to destroy on the battlefield. Ignore that fact and this will be a very long, bloody war, with many more innocent human beings slaughtered in the name of ... Allah the Merciful.