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Sunday, April 10, 2011

'Obama: I’ll veto funding for the troops'

I can't get that headline out of my thoughts.

Because of his breathtaking meanness.

Because his attitude is appalling.

Because he commands troops in time of war.

Because he has sent young American men and women to die in faraway lands.

And because he doesn't give a rat's ass about having done so.

Is there anything worse than wasting the lives of our best and brightest?

I don't know about you, but I need to gain a bit of comfort in some Mariah Carey this morning. Here's "Hero."  Let it wash over you:

Think what you will about Barack Obama. Love him if you're so inclined.  But our military - still fighting and dying in Afghanistan - doesn't deserve to be treated like trash.  Ever.

Lighting a Fire

This makes me want to be a Republican:

"The only good Republican is a dead Republican."

A history lesson might be in order.  James Buchanan, 15th president of the United States, is charged with having sat back and done absolutely nothing to stave off a war over the issue of slavery, declaring, infamously:

"The Constitution . . . expressly recognizes the right to hold slaves as property in states where slavery exists. This, then, is not a question of general morality, affecting the consciences of men, but it is a question of constitutional law. . . . The southern states have rights guaranteed to them, and these rights I am determined to maintain, come weal, come woe.”

Millions of Americans - both black and white - disagreed.

Millions more went to war over the issue that Buchanan refused to resolve.

Three-quarters of a million died.

"The only good Republican is a dead Republican."

Are we headed down that road again?

I can't imagine.

But where's Obama when his voice of reason is needed?

Silence.  All we get is silence.

Blame The Legislators

They created the law.

She obeyed it.

The man who held a gun to her head and raped her didn't.

The question becomes: What good is law?

The laws of our land should not only be put in place to prevent wrongdoing. They should be there to allow for a person to protect herself from harm.

In this case, the law facilitated the rape of an innocent girl.

We need to make a list of all those who should be held accountable.

Personally? I Liked Bush's Approach.

How does Obama deal with those in the Muslim world who have vowed to kill our children and grandchildren?

It begins with a grin
It turns to a giggle
You start to laugh
Your legs start to wiggle
You look all around for someone to hug
What can you do?
You've caught the Love Bug!

$20 million USAID grant goes to produce Pakistani Sesame Street
By Steven Nelson, The Daily Caller

As American politicians debate the possible de-funding of American public broadcasting, the U.S. government is spending big bucks to bolster entertainment in foreign countries.

USAID has dedicated $20 million to remake “Sesame Street” for Pakistani children. The four-year series will feature 78 episodes in Urdu and 56 in other local languages. The show, called “SimSim Humara,” will be set in a bustling village.

According to a report in The Guardian, the show aims to have “strong female characters and carry an implicit message of tolerance but will feature no pro-American propaganda or overt challenge to hardline religious sentiment.”

The Guardian reports that civilian foreign aid to Pakistan is at $1.5 billion a year, having been tripled by the Obama administration.

Larry Dolan, USAID’s Director of Education for Pakistan, told The Guardian, “Teaching kids early on makes them much more successful when they get to school. And this programme will have the capacity to encourage tolerance, which is so key to what we’re trying to do here.” [link]
"[T]his programme will have the capacity to encourage tolerance ..."

So you know, the Peace Corps celebrated its 50th birthday last month.  The Peace Corps being a government program established, in part, to "promote a better understanding of Americans on the part of the peoples served."   Established in 1961.  Fifty years ago.

We've been sending peace and love to countries like Pakistan for 50 years.

And we now have more enemies around the world than we did before this silly program launched.

Yet we persist in thinking that Big Bird will somehow melt their hearts and turn their swords into plowshares.

Mindless idiocy is what this is.

Yet, fifty years from now ...

We Used To Ridicule Europe For This

Now we've inflicted the bureaucracy upon ourselves:
All you Need to Know about Government Bureaucracy:

** Pythagorean theorem: ................... 24 words.

** Lord's Prayer:.......................... 66 words.

** Archimedes' Principle: ................. 67 words.

** 10 Commandments: ...................... 179 words.

** Gettysburg address: .................. 286 words.

** Declaration of Independence: ........... 1,300 words.

** US Constitution with all 27 Amendments: 7,818 words.

** US Government regulations on sale of cabbage ...

... 26,911 words.
Good grief.

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