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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It Takes Balls

After the fiscal calamity that then-Governor Tim Kaine caused here in Virginia, and what with the mess that he left his successor, this political ad - appearing on the Instapundit site this morning - takes some major cajones (click on the image to enlarge it):

"Taking Virginia fiscal responsibility to Washington." 

"Taking Virginia fiscal responsibility to Washington"? Does that mean this joker is chauffeuring Bob McDonnell, the guy who has actually brought fiscal responsibility to Virginia, to D.C.?

Lest we forget: It was Tim Kaine who shut down all those interstate rest areas, pleading Commonwealth poverty, just before McDonnell came along and found DOT riches sitting and collecting dust, riches that Kaine was blissfully unaware of.

And, to boot, it was Mr. Kaine who claimed  a couple of years ago that we needed a $2 billion tax increase to stave off disaster, right before the state legislature laughed at him, denied his hysterical proposal, and watched the Virginia economy continue to hum along.

Disaster averted.  Chicken Little denied.  Virginia applauded his move to Washington.  With enthusiasm.

Now, like that pimple on your butt that won't go away, he's back.

Tim Kaine. Fiscal responsibility. Today's chuckle.

Keep Your Eyes On the Prize

I happened to listen to a portion of Mark Levin's radio show the other night while driving home and, man, was he hot.  Even enraged.  Toward John Boehner and the Republican Party.  Over the budget deal that was struck the other day with the Democrats.

And Levin had a point.  To remove a bucket of water from the oncoming Fukushima tsunami and declare your action a victory over Mother Nature is a bit of a stretch.  Which is a comparable analogy to that which Boehner, it seems, was able to pull off now that the details are being released.

For those details, we turn to the Wall Street Journal:
Spending Cut Hokum

A mini-revolt is brewing among Republican backbenchers on Capitol Hill now that the specific spending cuts in Friday's budget deal are being revealed. After separating out the accounting gimmicks and one-year savings, the actual cuts look to be closer to $20 billion than to the $38 billion that both sides advertised. This is not going to help Speaker John Boehner's credibility with the tea party.

Even $20 billion is worthwhile, and the genuine reductions include cuts in high-speed rail, Pell grants, highway projects, renewable energy programs, housing subsidies, low-income home energy assistance, agriculture programs, contributions to the United Nations, and many more. There is also an immediate across the board 0.2% reduction in all nondefense accounts.

But the continuing resolution also saves money on paper through phantom cuts. [link]
Does this "deal" deserve Mark Levin's derision?


But I'd be careful where I aimed my wrath.

It's Obama and his ilk who are blocking our efforts to save this country, not Boehner.

And it's Obama and his ilk we need to remain focused on.

Election Day fast approaches.

The day we will move ever closer to actually setting the USA back on course.

Angered by this saga?  Good.  Take that anger into the voting booth with you.  And send the people who do us grievous harm back to the nether regions from which they came.  Once and for all.

Levin would do well to remember that.  Focus, man.  Focus.

Mitt Romney Would Do Well To Just Walk Away

This ongoing tale falls into the "What Was He Thinking?" category:

America is not in a mood these days to celebrate anything that Democrats are celebrating.

Mitt's a great guy. But this one blunder has doomed his candidacy forever.

And so it goes.

Is Someone Twisting Their Arms?

Look, if the Huffington Post disappeared tomorrow, it wouldn't bother me.  It's one of a million weblogs out here.  And its leftist lean is not something I care to encourage.

But it is certainly widely read.  (Well, probably.)

And, as someone famous once said, "stupid is as stupid does."

So here I feel the need to come to the defense of the Huffington Post.  Lord a'mercy:
Arianna Huffington Sued by Freelancer Who Bemoans 'Slaves' on HuffPo 'Plantation'
By Lachlan Markay, NewsBusters

A freelance blogger on Tuesday filed a class action lawsuit against Arianna Huffington for $105 million. The suit alleges that the Huffington Post's legion of unpaid bloggers are entitled to one third of the revenue from the site's sale to AOL in February.

Jonathan Tasini, who filed the lawsuit, compared Huffington to a "robber baron" in a blog post on Tuesday, and called her site a "blogger plantation - where her slaves work to build her fortune." [link]

For the love of God.

I don't know who this dude is but I'm inclined to respond to his idiocy in the same way I do when I hear about some twit from the NAACP talk about America still being "the plantation" and blacks still being an oppressed minority: Show me the scars, man.  Show me the marks left by that whip.  Show me where those shackles have cut into your ankles.  I want to see the blood.  And please put down the Chablis while you're doing it.

In other words, shut up.  Your intelligence quotient is showing.

Jonathan Tasini volunteered to be a slave to Arianna Huffington.

He volunteered.  I've got news for this creature.  That doesn't meet the definition of slavery.  That's something else entirely.

- - -

It's worth noting that this same Jonathan Tasini solicits postings to his weblog.  Which also promotes a book he wrote.  The proceeds from which go into his pocket.  And not theirs. Does that make him a slave owner? I'm thinkin'.

- - -

Here's an example of this genius's writing, to be found in the NewsBusters article linked above:

"The Huffington Post was, is and will never be, anything without the thousands of people who create the content."

Deconstructed, it reads: 

"The Huffington Post was anything without the thousands of people who create the content."

"The Huffington Post is anything without the thousands of people who create the content."

"The Huffington Post will never be anything without the thousands of people who create the content."

With that kind of literary wizardry, how much does this guy think he's actually worth?

Suppose The Media Will Learn From This?

She's the darling of the mainstream press.  She's won so many awards for the work she's done. She's loved in places like Manhattan and L.A.. 

And nobody cares.

Outside of Manhattan and L.A..

And outside of the leftist media.

It speaks volumes that Katie Couric, who has received nothing but accolades for her work at CBS News, particularly since her gotcha of Sarah Palin as the 2008 presidential campaign was in full swing, is being dumped by the network.

Say what?  How can that be?

Since the Reagan years, since the Manhattan crowd turned away from "Mr. and Mrs. America," and decided its target audience should be itself, Americans have responded in kind and  turned away from the mainstream media. 

In droves. 

In multitudes. 

That split continues.  And worsens.

Someday the morons at CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, along with those Manhattan-wannabes who control the many leftist newspapers in this country, will come to realize that we're still out here.  And maybe they'll come back to us.

Probably not though.

They got such glee from that Sarah Palin moment.

I'd expect more of the same going forward.

Just as they should expect more of the same going forward.

So Katie Couric, winner of the coveted Walter Cronkite award for her "extraordinary, persistent and detailed multi-part interviews with Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin" which judges called a "defining moment in the 2008 presidential campaign" is soon to be out of work.

And nobody cares.