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Sunday, April 17, 2011

A DVD Recommendation

You really do need to rent "Waiting For 'Superman. I'll warn you, though, it will break your heart.  But it will leave you with a clear understanding of both the state of public education in this country - which is appalling - and the reasons for it being an utter failure.

The theme of the movie can best be defined by this exchange between the flick's narrator and Michelle Rhee, then-chancellor of Washington D.C. schools:

“'It’s about adults, not the children,” she said. I asked, couldn’t there be a waiver? No, there is no way we can break the union contract and the district has no extra funds to come to the rescue.'"

"It's all about adults."  Unions.  Awful teachers, with tenure.  Bureaucrats.  Indifferent parents.  Unions.

And the millions of children out there who will grow up uneducated and doomed to lives of failure?

The unions, the awful teachers, the bureaucrats, the indifferent parents couldn't give a damn.

We need to burn this thing down and start over.

Watch the movie.  And get really, really mad.

Screenshot from "Waiting for 'Superman.'"
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Reviews of 'Atlas Shrugged' Roll In

It's only showing on 300 screens nationwide - so far - so you may need to search it out if you intend to see it, but "Atlas Shrugged, Part I," gets some strong positives from a crowd that went to see it:

I can't wait.

Sarah Rocks The House

For your consideration, compare this speech delivered by Sarah Palin to a tea party crowd in Madison, Wisconsin on Friday to the bitter, spiteful snivel offered up by Barack Obama in response to Republican efforts to rein in the out-of-control federal spending problem earlier in the week:

Electrifying. And, dare I say it? Hopeful.

How was her speech received?  Veni, Vidi, Vici.*

As for Obama's? Absolutely disgraceful.

To those who were able to stay awake anyway.

- - -

Andrew Breitbart lights em up too.  Great stuff.

Video courtesy of Breitbart.com. 
* "I came, I saw, I conquered."

I Don't Get Democrats

Is this the Washington equivalent of fleeing to Illinois?

They sure showed those Republicans.

Not sure what they showed 'em, besides the fact that they're complete idiots, but thye sure showed those Republicans.

Obama, The Greatest Orator Of All Time

We have had our great speakers.  Lots.  At the top of the list would have to be William Jennings Bryan, who  stands alone as being the most motivating to have ever called himself an American.  Followed by Edward Everett, Theodore Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, Billy Graham, Billy Sunday, Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, Huey Long, Charles Coughlin, Patrick Henry, and Henry Ward Beecher, in no particular order.

Then along comes one who eclipses all others.  Said TIME magazine in November, 2008:
Even in the age of YouTube and the soundbite, Barack Obama has proved that soaring, sustained oratory still has great power. His victory address to crowds in Chicago last week was widely regarded as one of the finest speeches in modern politics, delivered by a master.

“There’s no doubt Obama looks like a classically trained rhetorician,” said Robert Harris, author of Imperium and an expert on Cicero, the great Roman orator depicted in the book. “The use of gesture, stillness of the body and economy of movement is very dramatic.

“He delivers a powerful mixture of classically trained cool and the heat of the traditional African-American church: his use of repetition, the whooping-up of the crowd, the response of the audience.” 
Ah, yes.  That response of the crowd. A NewsBusters offering this morning may indicate something a bit different:

Captionfest: Biden Falls Asleep During Obama's Speech

"Soaring rhetoric"?  Would someone wake this old fart up and break that news to him?

Barack Obama.  The Cicero of our ti ... zzzzzzzzz.

Photo courtesy of ABC News.
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