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Monday, April 18, 2011

And This Guy Walked Arm-in-Arm With Obama

One of the president's former "czars" is a poet.  Of sorts.

Here's a transcript of a Van Jones offering to some event called "PowerShift 2011"  on ... well, who really knows:
We have an energy system
a civilization
powered by death.
Fueled by death.
Why do they call them fossil fuels?
Oil – dead for 60 million years.
Coal – dead for 300 million years – pull out of ground.
Burn in industries. We burn death.
We act shocked, having pulled death out of the ground,
that we get death out of the skies.
Let’s stop fueling death.
Let’s stop digging those holes in America.
Shift the power.
Look at the sky, at the sun.
The Suadi Arabia of solar power.
Look at the wind.
Look at the eyes of the workers who could be building solar turbines.
Look at grandmothers who know how to do community gardening.
Look at Native Americans.
Shift the power – change the way we power our buildings and machines.
How we power our bodies.
Those two together can change America.
Shift the power – but don’t just stop there.
Go home.
Shift the power at the Thanksgiving table,
with your Uncle Joe.
Start dominating the discussion. [link]
I particularly enjoyed the "(cheers)" part that came right after Jones said, "Let's stop fueling death."  What in God's name does that even mean?  And who are these morons that cheered such mindless idiocy?

And does Jones really want us to "look at Native Americans"?  What exactly are we to learn from that "look"?  How to live in abject poverty?

What exactly are we to learn from people who live in dilapidated campers and with empty bellies?

To call Van Jones cynical is to be kind.

To call those who cheer as he spews his asinine drivel nitwits is to denigrate nitwits.

Somehow they all seem to deserve one another.

The Individual. The State.

The battle for the heart and soul of America continues.

Will freedom prevail?

Or will Barack Obama and his ilk make sapless proles of us all?

One wonders. And worries.

What with headlines like these bombarding us:

Record Number of Americans Receiving Food Stamp Benefits

Male Employment at Lowest Level on Record

February federal budget deficit sets record

Trumka: All we need is to raise taxes to create jobs

U.S. to have Highest Corporate Tax Rate in the World

Obama's 'Public' Health Plan Will Bankrupt the Nation

Banks face $3.6 trillion "wall" of maturing debt: IMF

My God.

What are we doing?

Why is America spinning out of control?

Is it too late?

As we move ever forward in our effort to "help our fellow man," we find ourselves needing more and more help for ourselves. How ... odd.

"If man is to live on earth, it is right for him to use his mind, it is right to act on his own free judgment, it is right to work for his values and to keep the product of his work."

"Who is John Galt?"

With Republicans Like Him ...

You could probably imagine a Chinese Politburo member writing a note like this to Communist Party Leader Mao Tse-Tung:

You are a remarkable leader and it has been a great honor getting to know you.”

“I have enormous regard for your experience, sense of history and brilliant analysis of world events. Please save some time for me when I’m next in New York.”

Yeah, except for the New York part, Ernie Hu Flung-Pu could have written it.

But he didn't.

That ditty was written by someone who is contemplating a run for president against the very guy he wrote that sycophantic slobber to. Jon Huntsman to Barack Obama.

Says Doug Powers:
Word is that Huntsman trained for writing these sycophantic letters by watching a tape loop of Eddie Haskell brown-nosing Mrs. Cleaver on Leave it to Beaver.

If the presidential thing doesn’t work out for Huntsman, he’ll definitely be in the running for a leadership position somewhere in the mainstream media.
I don't know. Don't we get enough of this from the mainstream press? Do we need the leader of the Republican Party acting like a member of the People's Proletariat?

How embarrassing.